Ever happen to accidentally participate in a ritual sacrifice? If, strangely, your answer is yes, then director Darren Lynn Bousman may – or may not – be able to tell you how to get out of it in his upcoming film, Death of Me.


Maggie Q (the Divergent series, Nikita, Mission: Impossible III) and Luke Hemsworth (Westworld) are set to star in Bousman’s newly announced, Death of Me. ScreenDaily reports that the film tells the story of

“a couple on an exotic holiday who discover they have participated in a husband’s ritual murder of his wife.”


Variety deepens the plot with more details by mentioning that this discovery comes about by the couple after they awaken from a drunken night, and discover the ritual murder of the wife via recorded video footage. And –  although they see the murder of the wife take place from the night before, she is actually very alive the next day.

Death of Me., which goes in front of the cameras in Thailand later this week, was written by Ari Margolis, James Morley III and David Tish. The film will be produced by Lee Nelson and David Tish of EMA and Charles Dorfman of Samuel Marshall Productions

Producer Lee Nelson, says Death of Me “is the mind-bending genre film we’ve been searching for and Darren is going to take it to the next level. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with our amazing cast and crew. With Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth we’ve assembled a strong cast and can’t wait to put our unique stamp on the horror genre.” ”

Bousman has quite the horror and thriller resume, including Saw II-IV (2005-2007), the Tales of Halloween (2015) segment, The Night Billy Raised Hell, The Devil’s Carnival (2012) and its sequel, Allelujiah! (2016), the Mother’s Day (2010) remake, Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008), and the unique Abattoir (2016). His most recent film, St. Agatha (2018), will screen at Sitges Film Festival, this year. If you are familiar with all of Bousman’s listed words, as well as his other contributions, then you are aware that we are in for a ride when Death of Me is released.


darren lynn bousman
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