Secrets! Hints at backstories! Revenge! More snakes! This week’s episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Forbidden Fruit, was an absolute delight! So let’s bite into the apple, why don’t we?

Langdon is continuing his interviews for the hopefuls of the Sanctuary. We see him promise to protect Timothy and Emily. We see him promise Gallant that he will keep the murder of Evie a secret. We see him reveal that Dinah has some sort of power of her own, a power than nearly matches his. There’s also a reveal that Dinah and he have a history, and that Mallory has a secret as well. She’s not such a “Grey” after all. Unbeknownst to her, she’s a witch! Then we see what could possibly be Langdon‘s true form as he demons-out once Mallory shows her power. Langdon‘s afraid. A ritual full of snakes and blood lead to him asking his father to “open his eyes.” He knows there are things happening that are becoming out of his control, and he needs help.

Mead gets a bit of backstory as we learn that even though she’s a robot, she’s been given memories. Flashbacks to Halloweens past show these memories, but none of them compare to the one that she reveals to Venable. She remembers a small, blonde boy that she has incredible love for, but she believes that he isn’t real. He’s in her “past,” and therefore, can not be real. We know where this is going, don’t we? Remember how I worried that CoCo‘s boyfriend, Brock (Billy Eichner), had bitten the dust? He survived the blast, and is on a journey to find CoCo. He somehow learned of the safe house and on his journey to find it, is passed by a carriage. He takes advantage of this.


ahs apocalypse


The safehouse receives a gift via this carriage: a trunk of apples, and a vigilante Brock who took a ride underneath. Mead and Venable plan to take actions in to their own hands, and use the apples to poison all of the residents. Their plan includes murdering Langdon as well, and finding The Sanctuary on their own. A Halloween soirée is planned where the Purples will all eat the apples all at once so that no one will have a chance to escape the poison. It is during this party that Brock disguises himself, and is successful at getting CoCo alone. Or should I say, CoCo thinks she is successful at getting who she thinks is Langdon alone with the promise of “analinguis.” Before she can begin her promised deed, Brock reveals himself, and legit thrusts a blade into her skull. Bye CoCo?

Back at the party, the Purples and Mallory – who is still struggling with her newfound power – are participating in bobbing for those poisonous apples. It isn’t long before we’re privy to an absolute retch fest as all of the Purples succumb to the poison. Yep, they all die. Every single one of them, plus Mallory and the other Greys.

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Mead and Venable go to Langdon to complete their plan, but surprise, Langdon’s little ritual that we saw earlier has out-planned their plan. As a part of the Cooperative, and son of the devil, he was able to override Mead’s thoughts. He created the plan of poisoning everyone, and put it into motion using Mead. As she pulls her gun out to shoot him, he leads her to shoot Venable. But wait, Mead isn’t just a robot. She holds the memories of someone from Langdon’s past. “The only woman who every really understood” him. It isn’t said, but she has Constance Langdon inside of her, and Langdon is the beautiful boy from her memories. Nonetheless, we have just witnessed the death of every known cast member aside from Mead and Langdon. Where do we go from here?! We welcome the Coven.

In a scene that begins with a walk of power and urgency, Cordelia (Sarah Paulson), Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy), and Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) make their way into the safehouse. They’ve come for their “sisters.” As we saw earlier in the episode, Dinah and Mallory definitely are witchy. But who also lies before them? CoCo! Wait- CoCo‘s a witch, too?! Cordelia works her “vitalum vitalis” – the ability to give a part of ones life to heal another – and she revives the three poisoned women. We end with Madison straddled over Mallory, reciting one of her most famous lines, “Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.”

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Hot at the Shop:


ahs apocalypse


I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: this season continues to outshine previous seasons. Within this one episode, AHS made one of its boldest moves, ever. It killed off 90% of it’s cast. Of course, we know the majority of them will come back, one way or another, but this usually happens by episode 9 or 10. The trio has a reason, though. They’re a part of the Coven and the Coven has finally showed up! At least, a part of it.

There’s one little bit of a nuisance, though. Brock. Every aspect of Apocalypse has been strong, up until his comeback. It made for a bit of comedy (CoCo‘s seduction) and shock (CoCo‘s death), but other than that, it seems like this is happening just to include Eichner in the mix. I hope there’s more for him to do, that it’s not contrived, and it doesn’t distance too far from the main plot.

What’s next for those who remain, and for those who have yet to come? It seems as if Langdon definitely has a past with the Coven. If not with all of them then definitely with Dinah. They frighten him. We saw that when he is threatened, he goes to extreme measures to ensure things stay the way that he wants them. How far will the Coven push him? Aside from Mead, he doesn’t have many on his team but perhaps this is where Brock will come into play.

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“Always more fun to entice men and women to dirty deeds. Confirms what I’ve always believed. That all people – if given the right pressures or stimulus – are evil motherfuckers.”


This is the quote that struck me the most from Forbidden Fruit. Amidst all the deceit, gore, and lies in the safehouse, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk manage to sneak in a truth that is abundant in the world. I shan’t get all preachy with this moment but let’s just say that although Langdon is the antagonist, he spoke an absolute truth.

It’s goes without saying that Murphy and Falchuk are definitely getting Biblical on us. We have the Garden of Eden (the safehouse) that our Adams and Eves are residing in. None of them are truly happy with what they’ve been given. They were easily enticed with the forbidden fruit fed to them by deceitful hands. As Satan gave Eve the fruit, Langdon gave Mead and Venable the apples. As Eve gave Adam the fruit to eat, Mead and Venable gave the residents the fruit to eat. As Adam and Eve‘s life of paradise ended via a spiteful God, all of the residents’ lives were ended via a spiteful God. As for who God is, in this case, we have no culprit. Perhaps it can all be turned back around to Langdon as he is the one who holds the key to the Promised Land, and he easily takes that possibility away from almost everyone.

Will Biblical ways continue to play into the season? We’ll see next week which is when the crossover shenanigans begins! Let us know where you think this new season is headed over on Twitter and in the Horror Movie Fiend Club Fabebook group. Need a quick recap? You can read all our American Horror Story: Apocalypse recaps HERE.


ahs apocalypse