Did you have some questions while watching this season of American Horror Story? Episode seven, Traitor, may have answered a few for you. For instance: How does Dinah Stevens play into the arc? Turns out, it’s rather simple.

Dinah Stevens (Adina Porter) took over for Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) as the Voodoo Queen. The episode opens with a display of her powers as she takes care of a cheating husband and his mistress for the wife. She only performs for money. For $100,000, she will complete Cordelia‘s, getting her in contact with Papa Legba (Lance Reddick) so that he can hold Langdon (Cody Fern) captive in the underworld. Dinah summons Papa Legba, and he will do this for Cordelia, but only if she sacrifices all of her Coven in return for Langdon. Turns out, Nan (Jamie Brewer) is still under his watch in Hell, and he enjoys her watching her cause trouble. He wants the rest of the Coven to enjoy, as well. Cordelia will not do this; therefore he does not grant her wish. As Dinah tells her, Papa Legba only gives one offer.


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Will Joan Collins return? Absolutely, but not as Evie Gallant. Donning stark white hair, Collins is now Bubbles McGee, star of the silverscreen … or of Grindhouse films (ain’t nothing wrong with that, Bubbles!) and one episode stints on CBS procedurals. Bubbles left the Coven years ago to pursue her dream, but Cordelia has a task for her, and she is summoned. Her power is the ability to read minds, and she is taken to Hawthorne’s by Myrtle (Frances Conroy) to read the minds of Ariel (Jon Jon Briones) and Baldwin (BD Wong) in hopes of getting more answers. Over what is to be a white flag dinner, she learns that they are the masterminds behind the death of John Henry (Cheyenne Jackson), and plan to kill all of the Coven.

CoCo and Mallory’s powers haven’t been put to use. Will we get to see them use their powers? CoCo (Leslie Grossman) has been feeling useless with her gluten detecting powers, and after testing herself, she has learned that she also has the ability to predict the correct number of calories in foods. Still nothing grand about it, but I believe this is going somewhere for CoCo. Aside from upgrading to calorie counting, Cordelia sends CoCo on a task that definitely takes her up a few notches. More on that later.

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Mallory (Billie Lourd) has been hiding her powers. The Coven sees what she can do when CoCo chokes on a sweet, and is moments away from dying. Mallory sits over her, and slices her throat open so that she is able to dig in and grab the sweet that is blocking CoCo‘s airway. She removes the sweet, and with a swipe of her hand, closes up the opening that she created in CoCo‘s throat. In that small moment, she showed promise as an actual Supreme. Using the info that the Hawthorne Heads killed John Henry, Cordelia brings Mallory to the site of his death, and asks her to bring him back to life. Perhaps Mallory is the actual Supreme, and her rising to power is the cause of Cordelia‘s weakening.

Hot at the Shop:

Hot at the Shop:

We’ve seen how the others of the presumed dead members of the Coven were brought back. How did Myrtle Snow return? Cordelia felt that things were going to get rough, and she needed Myrtle‘s guidance. So she ignored Myrtle‘s strict instructions to not bring her back. Robot Mead isn’t Human Mead so what happened to Human Mead? John Henry tells the Coven that it was Mead who killed him. How they find out who Mead is anybody’s guess. CoCo‘s task mentioned earlier was to distract Mead so that the Coven’s cronies could kidnap her. Mead, along with Ariel and Baldwin, are burned at the stake. Ariel and Baldwin‘s crime was the planning of John Henry‘s and the Coven’s deaths. Mead‘s crime was the killing of John Henry. The episode ends with the traitors engulfed in flames.



Let me just get this out of the way and say that Nan is still kicking ass! She’s just kicking ass in hell. It was awesome to see Jamie Brewer joyfully reprise her role as Nan, even it was for just for a short bit. It answered the question that Twitter went wild with since the Coven starting regrouping. Where’s Nan?! Unlike the other members of the Coven, she wasn’t in a place of torture or sadness. I mean, she’s in hell, but she enjoys hell.

I’ve been racking my brain as to what CoCo‘s true power is. That creepy eye rolling in to the back of her head and that guttural noise she makes when detecting gluten or predicting calorie counts can’t be for nothing. Calories and gluten are within food. Perhaps she has the ability to see what’s inside people? Not like Bubbles‘ ability to read minds, but moreso to see the personality of a person. Sort of like a “good or evil detection” device. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.



Speaking of powers, I’m ready for Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) to use her human voodoo doll skills. Madison has yet to showcase any of her specific powers, as well. Zoe used a bit of her in tonight’s episode as she brought most of John Henry‘s ashes back to the spot where he died. The comradery among the Coven has been one of the best aspects of this season. They were at each others’ throats back in the original Coven season. Here, they are banding together amidst their differences. Of course, they have a damn good reason to band together what with the end of the world approaching.

Next week seems to be the precursor to the final act as Langdon seeks to learn more of his role as the antichrist, and also seems to gain more support from new characters. Get caught up, or find out what you missed on previous episodes HERE and let us know what you think of American Horror Story: Apocalypse on Twitter, Reddit, and in the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook.