Woah woah woah. Coven me blown away. The first 15 minutes of tonight’s AHS: Apocalypse held enough exposition for an entire episode. The Powers that Be behind AHS didn’t want you to settle in. They wanted you to jump out of your seat screaming expletives.

There was a false settle in the episode’s prologue as Evan Peters’ Jeff goes on a rant about the little things in life that annoy him. Stupid drivers, coffee that tastes like burnt asshole, the wi-fi going down. Yanno, all the little things that bother the shit out of us. All of this leads to his annoyance with Langdon (Cody Fern) taking his sweet time doing the things that an AntiChrist is supposed to do. Mutt (Billy Eichner) tries to chill him out, but it doesn’t work. Jeff wants to burn the world to the ground.

Enter Venable (Sarah Paulson) sharing her own annoyances with the tech moguls. She isn’t in the “in” with the Cooperative. She feels like she’s not appreciated for all of the sacrifices that she’s made to take care of them. She quits. But according to Jeff, she just made it clear on how to get through their “antichrist issues.”

Back as Miss Robichaux’s, Mallory (Billie Lourd) is trying to hone her skills, but hasn’t been succeeding. The matter of Langdon fulfilling his promise to kill all of the Coven comes up, and Cordelia (Sarah Paulson, again) promises that she’s placed the academy under a protection spell. A protection spell that was easily shot down by a counterspell performed by Dinah (Adina Porter). Dinah‘s motive for the spell? The selling of her soul to the devil for her tv show dream.

Langdon and Mead (Kathy Bates) enter the academy, and instantly eradicate the majority of the coven.  Bubbles (Joan Collins) is killed. Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) is killed. Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) is killed. Many students of the coven are killed. The scene is quick, and it’s brutal, and it’s unforgiving. They just took out two of the main players in the Coven as well as the ever entertaining Bubbles. Cordelia, Mallory, and Myrtle (Frances Conroy) escape with their lives.

A conversation between Mead and Langdon shows that the tech moguls are behind Mead‘s voice. They use this ability to talk Langdon into ending the world. Using Mead, they lead him back to them, and they reveal a surprise. The Cooperative is the Illuminati, a group of people who run the world, or have the ability thanks to the selling of their souls to the devil. They convince Langdon to join forces with them to end the world while saving the Cooperative to restart the world.

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The remaining witches (Cordelia, Myrtle, Mallory, CoCo, and Madison) have taken shelter in Misty Day‘s swamp cabin. No Misty Day, though, as she’s off gallivanting with Stevie. Cordelia tries to go back and revive Zoe and Queenie, but she realizes that they aren’t there. Their souls aren’t even there. Madison recalls to them that Michael has the ability to eradicate souls. Cordelia is pissed, as should be, for Madison left out this detail. Myrtle reminds her that there is no use in turning against each other. There is something that they can do. Or, well, something that Mallory can do.

There is a power that the Coven has always considered a myth. This power is the ability to reverse the course of time by going back and changing an event. The task of this spell is placed upon Mallory due to when she was able to not only revive a dead deer, but she took the deer all the way back to its youth. As a test run of this spell, they want Mallory go back to Siberia, 1918, to help Anastasia Nikolaevna save herself and her family from execution. Surprise, bitches. Anastasia Nikolaevna is a witch in the AHS universe. Mallory successfully goes back in time, but she is not successful at saving Anastasia and her family. She does safely return to Cordelia and Myrtle.

This leads Cordelia to consider speeding up the process of making Mallory the Supreme by giving her all of her power so that Mallory will have the strength to completely have the ability of this power. Myrtle talks her out of it, and promises that there are other ways. They make a plan to return to Hawthorne, and combine their powers in order to slow Langdon down. Their return to Hawthorne reveals that Langdon has beat them there. He’s massacred the entire student body of Hawthorne as well as Chablis (Billy Porter) and John Henry (Cheyenne Jackson). Two more of our key players down.

Hot at the Shop:

Hot at the Shop:

Jeff and Mutt explain to Venable their plan, and explain that they want her to play a huge part in it. They want her to run one of their outposts. She can do whatever she wants within its confines. She agrees.

Mead and Langdon meet with the Illuminati, the Cooperative, and he explains his plan to bring on the apocalypse. The plans are put into motion.

So woah woah woah, right? In tonight’s episode, we lost Zoe, Queenie, Bubbles, Chablis, and John Henry. Their deaths weren’t given any substance. They were just shot, stabbed, and some were killed offscreen. This is the world of AHS so they may not be gone forever. But it’s assumed that Langdon erased Zoe and Queenie‘s souls. Are they truly gone forever? Will Mallory succeed in this new power, and be able to change time, and bring them back? Would that be overkill for how many times Zoe and Queenie have been brought back?

Props to Evan Peters in the prologue to this episode. His speech about the small things that bother him within this world was incredibly relatable, and I’m not ashamed to say that I have been Jeff condemning every annoying aspect of life. We’ve all been Jeff in that moment. Thing is, we haven’t all been him in that we don’t want to bring on the end of the world. We shrug off our annoyances, and go about our lives. Jeff doesn’t have that ability. Power runs over him, and he wants to have the ultimate power of ending the world with hopes that he can rebuild it just the way that he wants.

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There’s a correlation between this and a plan that Langdon had to get to where he can gain power over people. His plan was to become an aide to the president, and work his way up until he is the president, and can do what he wants. (Mead / Jeff‘s response to this being the plot of The Omen III was perfect). But taking Jeff‘s stance on power, and Langdon‘s plan to gain power, we can see a similarity of those who are in positions of power in the real world. Those people believe that nothing can stop them due to their positions. They don’t consider the ones around them. They don’t consider the causes that people fight for, or that there are safer and more sane ways to come together and solve the little and big problems.

Even Cordelia gets on this play as she represents the part of the people who want to do something substantial, but do it in a positive and helping way. She relates this to her mother, Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange). Fiona saw no one but herself, and Cordelia does not want to follow in her mother’s selfish footsteps. But Myrtle is there as the voice of reason. “Fiona never questioned anything. She never took the time to ponder the impact of her actions. Never gave a passing thought about who she hurt. All just … petty obstacles in her path to her base wants and desires.” This explains those certain people in positions who can help, but don’t want to. Hell, it explains a big part of the human population, but luckily, not all of it.

Next week, we arrive at the denouement. We will see the moments that led to the apocalypse. We will pick back up during the apocalypse. We will see either Michael or the Coven succeed. Will we see Mallory gain the position of the Supreme, and see Cordelia fade away? Will those who are dead be revived? Will we find out what sort of DNA that Emily (Ash Santos) and Timothy (Kyle Allen) have that led them to spots in the outpost, or will they be the casualty of this season’s eventual plot hole?

Sit your a** down next Wednesday at 10PM, and tune your TV / computer / mobile device / whatever you watch AHS on to FX as the season finale of American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs. Until then, let us know what you thought of this week’s episode over on our Twitter or in the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook.