Prehistoric predators are making a resurgence in horror. After the success of The Meg, it’s no wonder genre filmmakers are looking to ferocious fauna of the past for inspiration. Deadline is reporting that Constantin Film and JB Pictures are producing a new creature feature based on one of the most fearsome reptiles to ever exist—the Titanoboa!

This German-U.S. co-production has no title as of yet, but the companies are expediting development on the action-horror film. They are hoping to start shooting as early as 2020.


What is a Titanoboa? This ancient serpent lived during the Middle to Late Paleocene epoch—a period of ten million years following a massive extinction that killed three-fourths of the Earth’s animals at the time—in the area now known as the Cerrejón Formation in Colombia. It grew up to forty-two feet long and weighed about 2,500 pounds! This makes it the largest snake to have ever existed. Yep, even bigger than an anaconda, which at its rarest, can reach lengths of thirty-feet.

Now don’t confuse the Titanoboa with the snake known as the Megaconda. This supposed sixty-foot long cryptid—an animal whose existence at any time is unproven as of yet—was the subject of an episode of Animal Planet’s now-defunct Lost Tapes, and an eponymous 2010 movie. Frightening, but the Megaconda is a work of fiction as far as science is concerned.

Resident Evil: Afterlife second unit director Tony Giglio (Doom: Annihilation) will be writing the screenplay for the untitled Titanoboa flick. No word on a director yet, though. JB Pictures’ Jeremy Bolt and Constantin’s Robert Kulzer are producers, and Constantin’s Martin Moszkowicz is an executive producer. All three were behind the Resident Evil films, and they’re currently adapting the video game Monster Hunter with Milla Jovovich as the lead.

The Titanoboa movie has no release date or plot as of yet either, but sssstay tuned for more updates as they’re made available.

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Yeah, we used images from Anaconda (1997) for this post. Imagine 10 extra feet lengthwise.