It wasn’t long ago that the Friday The 13th remake slashed and hacked its way back into theaters. In 2009 Jason Voorhees joined the ongoing list of slasher remakes and was met with mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. Well rest easy camp counselors, writers for the remake have spoken up this Friday the 13th week giving us the title for the sequel that never was.


A little stab back to the remake and its making; Writers Damien Shannon and Mark Swift, two major fans of the series, were chosen by Platinum Dunes to helm the screenplay for the remake. With experience working with the character in Freddy Vs Jason, the two aimed to provide a memorable update to the slasher franchise.


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Directed and released in 2009 by Marcus Nispel (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake), Friday the 13th was able to stay true to franchise in the look and feel of the series. Like most remakes of films, this one divided fans, leaving them either happy or upset with the end product. It didn’t hurt that it made a decent killing at the box office. This left fans thinking that this would lead to a new line of sequels to the rebooted franchise.

Sadly, any projects that followed after the film’s release went silent. News of a sequel had circulated and kept fans waiting but would ultimately end in development hell. Now almost a decade later from when Friday the 13th raised the body count in 2009, there is little thought to whether a sequel could happen.

Luckily for fans, Shannon and Swift did pen the next installment to the series. The sequel to Friday the 13th would be a direct follow up the events of the first film but would focus on a new set of characters for Jason to mutilate. The film also had a slight detail that it would take place in winter, as noted by both Shannon and Swift. No other details were mentioned regarding the sequel as Shannon and Swift do still hope to see the sequel happen. They do promise, however, to give us little details as the Friday the 13th week continues.

One thing is for certain, however, as the title for the sequel suggest that Jason would meet his demise the second time around. Now it wouldn’t be the first time that Jason had ‘died’, fans of the series know that for the first few films that Jason was still technically alive and would come back as a supernatural powered being. This sequel could have led to a new series of ghostly-zombie-mutant-vengeful spirit Jason.

What are your thoughts on the Friday the 13th remake’s sequel that never was? Where would you like to see future iterations of the Jason character go?