How excited was I for The Babysitter: Killer Queen? I hopped out of bed at 4:30am, just 90 minutes after its Netflix debut, to watch it. This excitement stemmed from how much I enjoyed The Babysitter (2017), the fact that all of the original cast were returning, and that McG was returning as director. Was my early morning rise to watch the film worth it? 

I’ll cut straight to the point. Yes, that 4:30am wake up time was definitely worth it. I had to find out how those crazy, satan-y kooks rise from the grave to torture Cole, again. 



No one believes Cole (Judah Lewis) about what happened 2 years ago when his babysitter, Bee (Samara Weaving), and a group of individuals changed his life with satanic rituals, blood letting, and adolescent growth. His parents (Leslie Bibb, Ken Marino) have him on medication, and everyone at school thinks he’s insane. That is, everyone but his neighbor and crush, Melanie (Emily Alyn Lind). When Cole finds out that his parents are sending him to a psychiatric high school, Melanie coaxes him into joining her and a group of friends to a houseboat party on the lake. It is there that our old friends from 2 years ago reappear as someone else has made the same deal that Bee once made. 

This being a sequel, the ante is bumped up a few notches. We get new characters all of whom we know are there as victim fodder, but all kept that edgy bubblegum spirit that was so prevalent in the first film. The most notable of these characters being Phoebe (Jenna Ortega), a new kid in town with enough witty remarks and quirky quirks that places her right at home in the film’s aura. 


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“This being a sequel, the ante is bumped up a few notches […]”


What works so well about Evil Queen is that the film goes from 0 to 100 with the snap of the fingers in the same way that the first film did. It’s all fun and jokes and sunshine, and then SNAP! Someone’s throat is torn open with a fish hook. Thus begins the bloody reunion of Bee’s four cohorts: Allison (Bella Thorne), Max (Robbie Amell), John (Andrew Bachelor), and Sonya (Hana Mae Lee). I was 100% looking forward to more of Lee’s Sonya, but her screen time seemed to be even more limited than in the original. That doesn’t mean that the moments that she does get aren’t worthy because – oh woah – they are. 

Returning characters who are given more screen time include neighbor Melanie (Emily Alyn Lind) and Cole’s dad (Ken Marino). Sans spoilers, I will say that Melanie’s role is bigger, badder, and she grew up to resemble Samara Weaving. Take that as you will. Marino’s dad character hops in with the dad jokes and dad antics, and sort of gets in on the action. 

Hot at the Shop:



The films only iffiness (aside from the lack of Lee’s screen time) is the location that the night takes place. We’ve gone from a home in a small suburb to a dessert / lake locale. It gave for a few fun set pieces, but the stretch for “bigger and better because it’s a sequel” was felt. Add onto that the weirdly-placed and paced imagination sequences as well as the small snippets of how Bee got her cohorts involved. We know they were all greedy individuals, and giving us 5 second snippets of her reeling them threw me off. But I digress! Small nuisances. I still had a hecking great time.

Speaking of Bee, the question has been of Samara Weaving would return as the titular babysitter. No one could replace Weaving, am I right? Even it Bee returns, is she recast? I will leave it up to you to watch The Babysitter: Killer Queen to discover if she returns or not. 


“What works so well about Evil Queen is that the film goes from 0 to 100 with the snap of the fingers in the same way that the first film did.”


Explosions, multiple beheadings, rituals, returning favorites, a killer soundtrack, and a seamless transition from the previous film made The Babysitter: Killer Queen a pretty successful follow up. While it never reached the heights that 2017’s film reached, it still strives to do so, and comes out so very close. 

The Babysitter: Killer Queen is now streaming exclusively on Netflix. Grab your silly string (watch the movie!), watch out for surfboards (watch the movie!), and trust no one (watch the movie!). What I’m trying to convey is that you watch the movie, and let us know what you thought on our Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and The Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!