This season of Riverdale is about to add on the buckets of blood we’ve been hoping for with an upcoming episode focusing on everyone’s favorite pubescent horror tale: Carrie.

Whether you love it or hate it – or both love and hate it – there’s no doubt about it, Riverdale has some serious dark undertones and horror-based thematic elements. I’ve come to find that all three seasons are surprisingly worth the watch for any horror fan that can appreciate the show for exactly what it is. Sure, it’s hard for people to take you seriously as a horror fan when you admit you never miss a Wednesday night episode of The CW comic adaptation, but we all have our (severely) guilty pleasures.

Riverdale centers around the classic comic characters and the soap opera heavy issues that revolve around them and their small town. Hidden beneath the sugary coating of Pop’s milkshakes, pop culture nostalgia, and Betty’s tight knit sweaters, the elements of classic horror are definitely present. I mean, the forever ‘prime suspect and killer’ Skeet Ulrich (Scream) is one of the main characters so it checks off a horror box. The eye-roll inducing banter, oddly overly attractive cast, and nonsensical events are a little jarring to most, but Riverdale consistently proves that it carefully uses the typical sitcom scene to mask some pretty disturbing themes, Black Hood style.

In keeping with the Archie comics multiverse a Sabrina The Teenage Witch spin-off of Riverdale has been confirmed to stream on Netflix. Producers of Sabrina have made it very clear that the show will be much darker than the naivety of Riverdale adapting the newer comic series; The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Sounds promising.


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Riverdale seems to not only be embracing the tone of horror, but is shoving it into the spotlight.. “


With this new episode zoning in on Stephen King’s story of Carrie White, a young high school outcast who develops a very useful, but dangerous skill that she later uses against her bullying schoolmates, Riverdale seems to be not only embracing the tone of horror, but is shoving it into the spotlight. We will see our favorite characters get their Glee on in a meta musical adaptation of Carrie in the form of a school play. The best part? The episode will be filmed documentary style.

What we know so far is that show’s writers are giving viewers exactly what they want as far as the musical’s role casting. Ever the epitome of a voyeur, Jughead Jones will be filming the production of the school play while Kevin Keller will helm the lot as director. Songbird Josie McCoy will play the part of the sensitive and nurturing Coach Collins. Betty Cooper and Archie Andrews will play the roles of the perfect couple Sue Snell and Tommy Ross, which is sure to spark some internal awkwardness. Scene-stealer Veronica Lodge will promptly play the antagonizing, popular mean girl Chris Hargensen. While not a high school student, but certainly mentally there, the fantastic Alice Cooper will take on the horrifying role of Carrie’s mother, Margaret White. Finally, Cheryl Blossom in all of her fabulous, fiery glory rounds out the ensemble playing the ironic, iconic role of Carrie White. It all hurts so bad, but it’s oh so good.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like will get a cameo of P.J. Soles donning her red cap. Totally a bummer.

No one will accuse the Riverdale bunch of making the right choices, but their knack for high school play casting is pretty impeccable. Hopefully the show will be able to tackle the issues of puberty, bullying, and feminism with this meta adaptation with as much cough as King did with his novel. Riverdale is no stranger to bringing current social issues to the forefront and all of the aforementioned topics are still very much relevant today, so the show seems to be taking this episode in the gratifying direction.

Let’s just hope that Cheryl doesn’t go full on method actor by burning everyone alive at the Riverdale Prom this year. Even if she did, I’d still love her.

Appropriately titled ‘A Night to Remember’, the episode will air on a Wednesday, April 18th at 8:00 pm EST on The CW.