14,000 fans, 3 from Hell, and one man: Rob Zombie, here to do the devil’s work…as usual.

A lucky crowd of Rob Zombie fans got one hell of a surprise this past Wednesday night at the DTE Energy Music Center in Detroit, Michigan. During the show, Rob Zombie himself introduced the teaser trailer for the third installment of the Firefly Family trio and the crowd went (as expected) wild. If you’re feeling as salty as I was reading this news, have no fear for one of those concert-goers caught the whole thing on video!

By the graces of his active social media presence, Zombie shared that video on his Instagram and Twitter accounts so we were able to get a good look at what the audience saw that night. While we do not get much clarification in what we can expect of 3 From Hell,the teaser was effective and infectious.


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Last year I was extremely fortunate enough to come upon some incredible seats for Rob Zombie’s Satanic Orgy concert at the beautiful Roxy Theatre in Atlanta thanks to a very, very dear friend. I still owe him one for it. I didn’t know what to expect going in, but as soon as Rob Zombie was 15-feet away from me I instantly had a new definition for the term ‘live experience’.

Was it worth rushing out of work, leaving a project totally unfinished? Was it worth the extra two hours of traffic to go only 10 miles? Was it worth the hangover headache I had to endure the next day while being reamed for the aforementioned unfinished project? You bet your ass it was.

Hot at the Shop:

Hot at the Shop:




Zombie, who has written and directed 3 From Hell gifted us with a few stills from the film as well as some cool promotional inmate posters the last few months. He’s announced casting additions, some of which include Danny Trejo (From Dusk Til Dawn), Dee Wallace (The Howling), Jeff Daniel Phillips (31), and Daniel Roebuck (Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween 2) in addition to the notorious trio of Sheri Moon Zombie (Lords of Salem), Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects), and Sid Haig (House of 1,000 Corpses) along the way rounding out the horror-heavy ensemble.

With filming wrapping up earlier in April, fans were more than a little desperate to see something more and being the showman he is, Zombie used his favorite platform to give us a taste of what’s up on the road ahead and it looks as if 3 From Hell will pick up on the mile marker we dropped of at in the second film, The Devil’s Rejects. After watching it about 5 times, it’s obvious that none of the footage is new but rather borrowed from the previous House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects films with the stomping tagline “All Roads Have Led To This”.

It’s a smart move for a teaser, getting everyone hyped up, yet not giving anything away all the while reminding us of what is to come at some point in 2019. In the news segment montage of the Firefly Family’s crime history and ultimate stand-off with the police, it’s unclear to the audience whether or not Baby, Captain Spalding, or Otis made it out of their kamikaze Lynyrd Skynyrd-induced final act against the police in the final scene of The Devil’s Rejects.

When it comes to Rob Zombie, it’s his way or the blood soaked highway, so we will just have to patiently wait for him to give us something more a little more official for 3 From Hell. If he’s starting the tour off this way, we can expect he’ll end it with some sort of a wild bang… it just might not include Free Bird playing in the background.


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