It’s been 15 years since we last saw Robert Englund play the legendary horror icon Freddy Krueger. While Englund last appeared in Freddy vs. Jason, the character of Freddy lived on. 2010 saw the release of the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, with Jackie Earl Haley donning the striped sweater. Despite a decent box office return, the film failed to launch any sequels and the franchise has sat dormant ever since. England has never been shy about pitching ideas for potential Nightmare films, but has refuted any desire to play Freddy again. Until recently, that is.


Speaking on a panel for the upcoming Eli Roth’s History of Horror AMC documentary series, Englund dropped another idea. According to Nerdist online, the OG Freddy had this to say;

If I had an Eli Roth budget I would have cast different actors to play Freddy for every potential victim. Because Freddy is only alive in the imagination of his future victim. They would talk about it at a slumber party or in a locker room at school, or on the bus going home. All we know about this Fred Krueger is he wears a hat, wears a red and green striped sweater and has a clawed hand. That’s the specifics.


Englund elaborated on his idea further, saying “So it could be a red and green cardigan for one Freddy. It could be an old tattered baseball cap for another Freddy. Freddy could be tall, he could be short, he could be overweight, he could be muscular. Every one of the victims could have a different Freddy they imagined. And you could haunt them with that Freddy. And then at the end, it would be the ultimate victim and we see Freddy peal [his face] open and maybe it’s yours truly revealed.”

I’m going to make a (bold?) prediction; this could very likely happen. Make no mistake about it, New Line Cinema (the studio behind the Nightmare series) is watching the upcoming Halloween sequel very closely. As we all know by now, this Halloween takes place as a direct sequel to the 1979 original, ignoring all subsequent films. If this idea works, and I believe it will, the horror floodgates will open. Because original Nightmare on Elm Street creator Wes Craven passed away in 2015, look for a couple of diehard fans of Freddy to take up the writing duties. As the remake failed, I’d expect a direct sequel to either the 1984 original or possible A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. I’d further expect Robert Englund to, at the very least, make an appearance as Freddy Krueger in this hypothetical film. Yes, something inside tells me A Nightmare on Elm Street is going to get the full Halloween treatment, perhaps even through Blumhouse Productions. Again, this is pure speculation on my part, but I’d be willing to bet some cold hard cash on this.

What do you think the future holds for the Nightmare franchise? If you have your own ideas, or would like to bet against me, leave a comment!


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