“Come, little children, I’ll take thee away into a land of enchantment.” ~ Sara Sanderson

This October Freeform will be celebrating in a big way. Not only have they expanded their popular 13 Nights of Halloween to 31 nights this year, but they just announced a Halloween attraction. Beginning October 4th, The Lombardi House in Hollywood, CA will be open as a Halloween House. The attraction will feature rooms inspired by Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before ChristmasSince both films are celebrating their 25th anniversaries this year, Freeform is enabling fans to visit these wicked worlds.


What’s This?

Visitors of Halloween Town will be put into a spin in Oogie Boogie’s lair and can get curious in Dr. Finklestein’s Lab. They’ll also be able to wander through a cemetery that includes 31 headstones. (One to commemorate each October evening, perhaps?) Photo aficionados will appreciate the chance to have their picture taken on Jack Skellington’s iconic spiral hill. Hopefully Zero will make an appearance, too!


A Night of Frolic

Next up, fans will take a trip into Salem, MA. There they will walk through the cottage of The Sanderson Sisters. The interactive area includes chances to light the black-flame candle, summon Winifred’s book, brew potions, and cast spells. (And be sure to keep an eye out for Thackery Binx while you’re there). Photo ops to recreate the Hocus Pocus film poster will also be available so start practicing your best witch face now.

Freeform’s Halloween House sounds more like festive fun vs. your typical scary attraction. Don’t count on having jump scares around every corner here. Admission is free, though tickets are limited to two per person for each half-hour block. And since the house is only open from October 4th through the 9th, you don’t have to be a gambling man like Oogie Boogie to predict it will sell out.