Break out your chainsaws and saw off your boom sticks. Sam Raimi is back in the horror business. After taking a break from film production to executive produce the Stars series Ash Vs. Evil Dead, Sam Raimi has returned to his Horror roots to bring a brand new horror experience to the big screen. Per THR, Raimi is producing Behind, a female lead horror film based on the critically acclaimed short film by the same name.

Directed by Angel Gómez Hernández (Affection),the Spanish language short film stars Macarena Gómez as Arianne, a recently divorced mother going through a vicious custody battle with her ex husband. When her battle goes sour, Arianne becomes convinced that something out there is trying to take her baby. This fear only grows worse when a mysterious woman warns Arianne that she is being followed by a hideous man who’s always just behind her. Soon the lines between reality and nightmare blur as the misshapen thing she fears inches ever closer behind her.


Raimi will produce this adaptation via his production company Ghost House Pictures along with longtime collaborator Robert Tapert (Don’t Breathe) as well as Scott Glasshold (Prospect). Hernández is slated to direct in what will be his feature film debut, while Lionsagate will distribute.

Hopefully this project will make Raimi hungry to direct horror cinema once more. While he’s produced several great films, the horror maestro hasn’t sat in the director’s chair since 2013’s Oz the Great and Powerful. While that movie may have given critics nightmares, it was far-flung from Raimi’s groundbreaking work on classics like The Evil Dead and Drag Me To Hell.

You can watch all 16 minutes of the nail-biting short film below. For casting updates, Raimi news and just an all around good time, keep your eyes on Nightmare on Film Street!