Everyone’s favorite flesh-eating realtor (real-a-tor? real-tor?) returns soon in the third season of Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet. The trailer recently premiered, giving us a taste of what’s to come.

It’s quite exciting that the zomedy is getting a third season. For this viewer, it took a moment to get into the first one. The premise was great, and the effects were wonderfully icky, but there was something amiss that I couldn’t grasp onto. That something was like one of Sheila‘s (Drew Barrymore) meals – gone and digested – by the time the season finale rolled around. Season two started on the high note that the first season ended, and just kept on going up. The comedy, the gore, and the connections between the cast continued to rise.


Season’s 3 trailer finally brings up an aspect that I’ve been waiting for, and that is Sheila asking her consistently supportive husband, Joel (Timothy Olyphant), to join her as one of the undead so that they can be together + forever. The trailer doesn’t give away Joel‘s answer, but it does show some quick clips that lead us to believe that he may accept her proposal. And there’s good ol’ Mr. Ball-Legs getting its own storyline.



Just in case you’ve missed out, Santa Clarita Diet is the story of suburban realtors, Sheila and Joel Hammond. Their lives change drastically after Sheila gives Reagan a run for her money in the pea soup mouth geyser category, dies, and comes back to life as a flesh craving yet thriving individual. Along with their daughter, Abby (Liv Hewson), and next door neighbor, Eric (Skyler Gisondo), they must attempt to live a life of normalcy whilst satisfying Sheila’s need for edible body parts.

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Catch up on seasons 1 and 2 of Santa Clarita Diet! You’ve got a little over 2 weeks to do so. Season 3 premieres on Netflix March 29th. Will you be tuning in? Sound off with the Nightmare on Film Street community over on Twitter, our official Subreddit, or the Horror Fiend Club Facebook Group!


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