If one wanted, they could simply call Sarah Paulson the penultimate final girl of the entire AHS anthology. It’s either that, or she’s definitely Ryan Murphy’s #1 Muse. Either way, she continuously kills it (and some baddies) in every season of AHS, and with the upcoming 8th season, she’s going to be killing it in more ways than one.

Paulson will be directing the sixth episode of AHS: Apockalypse. What is known about the episode, as of now, is that it will be Murder House centric with all of the main cast (Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga) from that season reprising their roles. That includes the AHS return of Jessica Lange as Constance, who we last saw as caretaker of the child born unto human Vivian (Connie Britton) and inhuman Tate (Evan Peters) whom the season will be focusing on. Episode 6 is roundabout the middle of the season so, more than likely, we will be getting some major exposition. Set photos from the episode have been popping up on Instagram from the stars of the show.



Aside from reprising the role of Billie Dean from AHS: Murder House and Cordelia Foxx from AHS: Coven, Paulson will be portraying a new character in Apocalypse, seen with a mini-sized Coppola’s Dracula haircut in the promo, below. All that has been shared on the character is her name, Venable. The word “venable” comes from the Latin word, “venabulum”, meaning “hunting ground.” That seems like a perfect fit given AHS‘s history.


Where will her other two characters fit into the story? No one knows, but Paulson did tell TV Guide that while we last saw Cordelia as the reigning Supreme, she does not “know how long that is going to last.”

The official AHS Twitter has been pumping out those preseason promos that they’re so well-known to do. They’re your standard pre-show fare with the creepy visuals and the title’s theme playing in the background. The one with the comb, though? Jinkies!


There is only a little over a week remaining before the September 12th premiere of AHS: Apocalypse on FX. Are you excited for Sarah Paulson’s directorial debut? What are you thinking of all the promos? Let us know via any of the social links, below!