It’s a great time to be a vinyl soundtrack collector, and an even better time to be a horror vinyl soundtrack collector.  With companies such as Death Waltz, Waxwork, Terror Vision and Mondo pumping out quality product, the marketplace is currently flooded with amazing pieces.  A lot of soundtracks that have never seen a physical release, let alone a vinyl release, are now getting the attention they deserve.  Lakeshore Records is one of these labels dedicated to soundtracks and paying special attention to the vinyl market.  One of the releases that’s been brewing for a while is the Saw Anthology Vol. 1 & 2.


This is the first time ever that any of the Saw soundtracks have been released on vinyl.  There have been digital and CD releases for some installments in the franchise, but none have ever been pressed to wax.  All 8 films in the series were composed by Charlie Clouser.  A member of NIN from 1994-2000 and a prolific composer, Clouser spoke with me on behalf of NOFS about this release back in December.  Here’s a bit of what he said:

Since it’s coming out on vinyl, each side of a vinyl record is about 20 minutes, so I sort of set up a set of mental rules for myself that each movie would get 1 vinyl side and within that 20 minutes I would try to put my favorite cues from each movie in chronological order so that it felt like a miniature journey through the films themselves. So that each 20 minute chunk from each movie would have a variety of stuff; the thematic melodic material and also some of the crazy action and trap scenes, and some of the weird floaty dark ambient stuff that fills up so much space in those movies.

The first images of the release were debuted by Bloody Disguisting.  This two volume anthology will be pressed on “Saw Blade Silver” with artwork by John Bergin.  Also included inside the release will be photos of Clouser, his incredible studio and his wide array of interesting musical gear.  Long overdue, Lakeshore has put together a package that any fan of the Saw films or horror soundtracks will be stoked to own.  Initially only available at FYE stores in the US and HMV stores in the UK, fans will be able to snag these beauties on March 16th.

You can find my full interview with Charlie Clouser here.