Plenty of horror fans have trekked out to famous filming locations. The house of A Nightmare on Elm Street, the street corner where Laurie Strode waited with her pumpkin, Pennywise’s House at 29 Neibolt Street, and the Black Christmas Sorority House. Imagine being able to view the entire film while in that location? Imagine that dream becoming a reality. Because it will when On Set Cinema screens Wes Craven’s Scream 2 at Windsor College … er … Agnes Scott College, in Decatur, GA – the school where the majority of Scream 2 was filmed.

Curated by Kenny Caperton of Myers House, NC and On Set Cinema, this screening will give you the opportunity to view Scream 2 in Agnes Scott’s quad. The quad is the very spot where the epic cell phone conversation and cat and mouse between Ghostface and Randy went down, as well as several other scenes throughout the film. In addition to the screening, On Set Cinema will host a tour of other filming locations on campus.


It all goes down Saturday April 13th, 2019. Best of all, the screening is absolutely free to anyone who wants to attend! There will be an exclusive t-shirt for the event (to be revealed soon) that you can buy to support such an incredible experience.

Caperton and On Set Cinema has spent the past year screening films all over the US. Highlights from the past include a screening of Scream at Stu‘s (Matthew Lillard) house, I Know What You Did Last Summer at Shiver’s Department Store (Harrell’s Dept Store) where the infamous Helen Shivers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) chase scene went down), The Strangers: Prey at Night at the pool where the film’s best scene occurred, and The Strangers at the banquet hall that the beginning of the film occurs. I attended the latter event, as The Strangers was filmed in my hometown and can vouch that the event is very fun, informative, laid back, and interactive. Doll Face and Pin-up Girl roamed the banquet hall before the movie screened, looming in the shadows, and appearing over peoples’ shoulders. I may or may not have been a victim of Doll Face, and yelped as it occurred.

Visit On Set Cinema to check out what others screenings they’ve had in the past, and what screenings are coming up. They’ve recently announced It Follows! Then, let us know what film you’d like to see ‘on set’ over on Twitter, our Subreddit, and the Fiend Club Facebook Group!


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