Welcome to Scream Warriors! The column that covers new and upcoming releases from Scream Factory, Shout! Factory’s label dedicated to classic and cult horror and science-fiction films. This month’s releases offer an alarming assortment of demon children, organ-playing phantoms, cats hell-bent on revenge, and terrifying tales from the dark side.

August 4

The Soul Collector (2020)

“In an attempt to start a new life with his young, fragmented family, bankrupt William Ziel returns to the farm he inherited from his estranged father. Lazarus, the farmhand who took care of William’s father in his lonely final hours, reappears soon after William, Sarah, and adopted daughter Mary arrive. A supposed chance meeting between Mary and Lazarus develops into a bond between two kindred spirits. But Lazarus carries a dark secret: a demon child with an insatiable appetite for human souls … and now the Ziel’s newfound domesticity is placed at unfathomable risk.”Scream Factory


August 11

The Phantom Of The Opera (1962)

“Mysterious mishaps bedevil a London opera house, but when tragedy strikes during an opening night performance, it’s clear that these “accidents” are the deliberate work of a deranged madman – The Phantom. When Christine (Heather Sears), the young star of a new musical is contacted by the shadowy specter, her producer investigates, tracking the ghostly Phantom to his secret underground lair.

More than an evil apparition, The Phantom proves to be a brilliant composer. Disfigured and nearly destroyed, he now demands his hellish revenge. Christine, his new star, is his one weakness, and he pays the ultimate price to keep his love alive.”Scream Factory


Directed by Terence Fisher (The Curse of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy), this dreary 1962 adaptation of the 1910 novel Le Fantôme de l’Opéra by Gaston Leroux stars Herbert Lom as the eponymous Phantom. While the film features Hammer’s signature top-notch production design and costuming, and some fine performances, this is certainly one of lesser films in Fisher’s filmography and the cobwebbed crypts of Hammer Horror. Still, Scream Factory’s release is worth a look for its excellent new 2K transfer and a bevy of newly produced bonus materials.


  • NEW 2K scan from the interpositive – two aspect ratios 1.85:1 and 1.66:1
  • NEW Audio commentary with film historians Troy Howarth and Nathaniel Thompson (1.85:1 version)
  • NEW Audio commentary with author/film historian Steve Haberman and filmmaker/film historian Constantine Nasr (1.66:1 version)
  • NEW The Men Who Made Hammer: Anthony Hinds
  • NEW Phantom Triumphant: Edwin Astley and Hammer’s Horror Opera – an Interview with author David Huckvale
  • NEW Herbert Lom: The Soul Behind The Mask – an interview with film historian/screenwriter/novelist C. Courtney Joyner
  • NEW Interview with special effects artist Brian Johnson
  • “The Making Of Phantom Of The Opera” – narrated by Edward De Souza, plus interviews with Richard Golen, Alan Lavender, and De Souza
  • The longer TV version (in standard definition)
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Still gallery


August 18

Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell (1974)

“Is Baron Frankenstein truly dead? That’s precisely what he wants the world to think. He’s had it up to here with a public that doesn’t appreciate the trouble a mad scientist goes through to snatch good body parts. To carry on his work, he holes up in a place where the possibilities are utterly maddening: a home for the criminally insane! A hand here. A brain there … true to form, the Baron (Peter Cushing) keeps his gruesome creation (David Prowse) in stitches in this sixth and final fright fest in Hammer Films’ Frankenstein cycle.”Scream Factory

Bonus Features

  • NEW Audio commentary with film historian/author Steve Haberman and film historian/filmmaker Constantine Nasr
  • NEW The Men Who Made Hammer: Roy Skeggs
  • Audio commentary with Madeline Smith, David Prowse, and film historian Jonathan Sothcott
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Radio spots


August 25

Universal Horror Collection: Vol. 6 (1952-1961)

“Volume 6 of the Universal Horror Collection includes four tales of terror from the archives of Universal Pictures, the true home of classic horror. Boris Karloff stars as a doctor who risks his own life to save the captives of a mad count in 1952’s The Black Castle. Vengeance is sworn against six men who witness a ceremony where beautiful women turn into serpents in 1955’s Cult of the Cobra. In The Thing That Couldn’t Die (1958), when a young psychic discovers a box that contains the living head of an executed devil worshiper… heads will roll! A cat witnesses the murder of her owner… and this cat is hell-bent on revenge in 1961’s The Shadow of the Cat.”Scream Factory

On Blu-ray for the first time, these forgotten films are presented in high-definition with a brand new 2K scan from the original film elements and the collection comes loaded with new audio commentaries and featurettes. Each film in Scream Factory’s Universal Horror Collection: Vol. 6 looks and sounds great and features an insightful commentary track with a film historian. Like the previous five volumes, this 4-disc set makes a great companion to the Universal Classic Monsters: Complete 30-Film Collection and is a must-own for completists of the Universal Horror catalog.


Bonus Features


  • NEW 2K scan from a fine grain film element
  • NEW Audio commentary with author/film historian Tom Weaver
  • NEW Universal Horror Strikes Back! – A Look At Universal Horror In The 40s
  • Still gallery


  • NEW 2K scan from a fine grain film element
  • NEW Audio commentary with historians Tom Weaver, Steve Kronenberg, David Schecter, and Robert J. Kiss
  • Theatrical trailer
  • TV spots for the double feature of Revenge of the Creature / Cult of the Cobra
  • Still gallery


  • NEW 2K scan from a fine grain film element
  • NEW Audio commentary by Tom Weaver And C. Courtney Joyner
  • Theatrical trailer


  • NEW 2K scan from a fine grain film element
  • NEW Audio commentary by author/film historian Bruce G. Hallenbeck
  • NEW In The Shadow Of Shelley – an interview with Barbara Shelley
  • TV spot for the double feature of The Curse of the Werewolf / The Shadow of the Cat
  • Still gallery


Tales from the Darkside: The Movie [Collector’s Edition] (1990)

“To keep from being eaten by a modern-day witch (Deborah Harry), a young paperboy weaves three twisted stories to distract her. In “Lot 249,” a vengeful college student (Steve Buscemi) resuscitates an evil mummy to teach unsuspecting student bodies (Julianne Moore, Christian Slater) a lesson in terror. Then, “Cat From Hell” is a furry black feline who cannot be killed… he may have nine lives, but those who cross his path are not so lucky. Finally, in “Lover’s Vow,” a stone gargoyle comes to life… to commit murder. In this classic cult favorite, fear comes in threes.”Scream Factory

From the minds of Stephen King (Pet Sematary), Michael McDowell (Beetlejuice), George A. Romero (Dawn Of The Dead), and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (creator of Sherlock Holmes) comes 1990’s comedy-horror anthology Tales from the Dark Side: The Movie,  based on the television series of the same name. Considered by many to be the real Creepshow 3, Tales features an all-star cast and some clever scripting. Scream Factory’s definitive Blu-ray release is more than worth the price for its newly produced feature-length documentary about the making of the film, which you can read more about below!


tales from the darkside movie gargoyle


Bonus Features

  • NEW Audio commentary with co-producer David R. Kappes
  • NEW Tales Behind The Darkside: The Making of Four Ghoulish Fables – a six-chapter, feature-length documentary, featuring director John Harrison, producer Mitchell Galin, director Of photography Robert Draper, production designer Ruth Ammon, special make-up & creature effects artists Robert Kurtzman, Greg Nicotero, and Howard Berger, creature performer Michael Deak, actors James Remar and Rae Dawn Chong, and Editor Harry B. Miller
  • Audio commentary with John Harrison and co-screenwriter George A. Romero
  • Theatrical trailer
  • TV spots
  • Radio spots
  • Stills gallery
  • Behind-the-scenes gallery
  • Behind-the-scenes footage compilation

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