It’s barely two weeks into the Fall TV season, but we’ve already got our first hit from the main American broadcast networks. It’s a touching series about a father and son trying to understand each other after years of separation. Of course, the father is a jailed serial killer, and the son is a former FBI profile, but it can still be touching. Whatever the feels you get from Prodigal Son, one thing is certain now: it’s going to be hanging arround your TV set for a long time. Or for 22 episodes at least.

Fox (via TVLine) has announced that they’ve picked up Prodigal Son for a full season order of 22 episodes after just two airings of the new series. The show follows Malcolm Bright (The Walking Dead‘s Tom Payne), an FBI profiler fired for unspecified reasons, who’s trying to get his investigative rep back by helping the NYPD close cases. How does Malcolm know serial killers to well? His father, Martin Whitly (Underworld‘s Michael Sheen), is one. Malcolm uses his own skills, and his father’s innate knowledge of killing, to put bad guys behind bars.


Prodigal Son delivers a fantastic crime procedural with a complicated and compelling father-son relationship at its core, thanks to the stellar performances from Tom Payne and Michael Sheen,” said Michael Thorn, president of Fox Entertainment in a statement. “The series has razor-sharp writing, cinematic visuals and is an inventive twist on the genre. We want to thank our executive producers, Greg [Berlanti], Sarah [Schechter], Chris [Fedak] and Sam [Sklaver], Peter Roth and our partners at Warner Bros. and the entire cast and crew. We can’t wait to see how this twisted journey continues to unfold.”

The series co-stars Bellamy Young (Scandal), Lou Diamond Phillips (Longmire) and Halston Sage (The Orville).

Prodigal Son airs Monday nights at 9 pm EST on Fox, and on Global in Canada.


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