THE SHAPE OF WATER Swims Into Your Home This March

Guillermo del Toro. You know him. You love him. He’s probably given you nightmares at some point. And now you can add another one of his creations to your collection (less nightmares in this one, I promise). Golden Globe winner for Best Director and Best Original Score and Oscar’s Best Picture front-runner The Shape of Water is coming to 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on March 13th. That’s one week after the Oscars, and two weeks after it’s released on iTunes and Amazon Video on February 27th.

Having seen the film, I can say cinematographer Dan Laustsen has served up quite a feast for the eyes, so catching this one on Blu-ray or 4K Ultra HD is a must, folks. On top of that, the film itself has that timeless classic feel to it that reminds you why you love movies (check out Kim’s review here).


The disc’s special features are as follows:

  • “A Fairy Tale for Troubled Times”
  • “Anatomy of a Scene: Prologue”
  • “Anatomy of a Scene: The Dance”
  • “Shaping the Waves: A Conversation with James Jean”
  • “Guillermo del Toro’s Master Class”
  • Theatrical Trailers

the shape of water

One thing about that list that you probably noticed if you’re a die hard cinephile is that there’s no commentary track included. Well that’s very much intentional on del Toro’s part, as he told Collider in December that he actually refused to do one.

It’s one of the Blu-rays that has a lot of behind-the-scenes making-of featurettes and stuff like that. It’s the first Blu-ray that I’ve made that I refused to do a commentary track on. And it’s because I feel, for the first time, I think whatever the movie does, it does on its own. You can buy The Art Of book or come to an evening with the movie and I’ll talk—I’m not refusing to talk—but I don’t need to put it on a commentary track.

There you have it folks. Once again, you can find The Shape of Water on digital platforms February 27th, and pick it up on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD starting March 13th.


the shape of water blu ray

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