There’s something about lounging on the beach during the balmy summer days and staring at the water that makes one think of deep sea terror. There has to be. We’ve had decades of summer hits regaling us with terrifying tales of sharkifying horror. Jaws 1,2,3, and Revenge, Deep Blue Sea, The Shallows and 47 Meters Down. Also this year, the mother of all sharks, The Meg, swims into view. What is it about summer that summons these toothy killer beasts from the depths of our collective imagination? Could it have anything to do with that week in July spoken of in hushed tones for the rest of the year? Could it be Shark Week?

The Discovery Channel recently announced that Shark Week will strike on the 22nd of July this year. The week traditionally features many a show highlighting facts about the oceanic critters and their dastardly ways. It also aims to educate, by showing that not all sharks are as homicidally inclined as The Meg.



shark attacks
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This year marks the 30th anniversary of this fin-tastic week. It is the one week in the year when even the most sober-minded academics let their hair down and indulge in sharky frolics. Last years 18 show extravaganza featured such highlights as Chris Noth narrating a show called Sharks And The City and a show in which Michael Phelps came close to racing a Great White Shark. This latter was notorious among none shark-heads but rapidly became a fan favorite.

This raises the question: how will they top last year’s epic shark attack?

With 325 pounds and 7ft 1in of Basketball stardom. Stand by for Shaq-week. The awesome promo for the week features sporting legend Shaquille O’Neal donning diving gear. He then squeezes his mighty frame into a shark cage in preparation for a descent into the deep. There to come face to face with the killer fish. I for one, friends, cannot wait.  Those yellow floats will surface off the side of your televisual fishing boat on the 22nd July and circle threateningly for 8 days.

And yes, that is a labored reference to Jaws.