January 19th marks Edgar Allan Poe’s 210th birthday. The Master of the Macabre, Edgar Allan Poe gave us some of the best mystery and horror stories and poems, among them The Tell-Tale Heart, “The Raven”, The Premature Burial, “Annabel Lee”, The Masque of the Red Death, “Lenore”, The Murders in the Rue Morgue, and so many more. Poe is well-regarded as one of the best American writers of all time. His works have been a constant inspiration for films, books, music, art, and have touched the dark hearts of so many horror fans. To celebrate Poe’s legacy and the day of his birth, here are 10 Poe-centric items perfect for enjoying a midnight dreary:




10.  Nevermore Perfume Oil – $16

Burke and Hare Co.’s hand-blended and small-batch unisex perfume oil evokes the scent of an old library where a raven might squawk “nevermore”. It has top notes of teakwood and black pepper over a masculine base of leather and tobacco. If perfume oils aren’t your thing, you can also get this scent in a candle.


9. The Raven Literature Rocks Glass – $14.50

This gorgeous glass features the iconic 1894 cover illustration and opening lines of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.” It features a splash of color with a golden-colored raven in flight against the lines from the poem. It is a stunning glass that belongs in every Poe fan’s home.


8. Annabel Lee Sea Mist and Magnolia Candle – $25

Old Soul Artisan’s Edgar Allan Poe 9 ounce scented soy candle is inspired by Poe’s heartbreaking poem “Annabel Lee.” It is a tale of a love so great it extends beyond the grave. This aromatic tribute to undying love begins with a base of sea mist and ocean botanicals. This tantalizing aquatic blend brings to life Poe’s tragic kingdom by the sea. Representative of Annabel Lee herself is a delicate bouquet of magnolia blossoms, a sweet floral offering for her sepulcher by the sea. Infused with natural essential oils, this fragrant homage to Poe captures the passion of a love that burns with intensity for all time.


7. Poe Unisex Cotton Socks – $16.49

Creep it cozy with these Poe-ka dotted cotton socks, available in unisex sizes who want to show their love of Poe from their head to their toes.


6.  Brady Stoehr’s Edgar Allan Poe Print – $13.99

I love the exquisite detail, moody color palette, and unique look of award-winning artist and illustrator Brady Stoehr’s art. The details included in this one, including a backdrop of lines from “The Raven,” to his tell-tale heart, to the Annabel Lee tombstone to the raven, are just a delight for Poe fans. This print’s texture was created using watercolor, colored pencil, and digital manipulation to showcase a unique piece of art that truly celebrates Poe.


5. Midnight Dreary Loose Tea – $15.95

This warm, soothing, and mysterious tea contains licorice root, peppermint, sweet fennel, and basil, which makes it a delicious after-dinner tea to sip when you curl up with your favorite collection of Poe poems and stories.


4. Edgar Allan Poe Coffee Mug – $15.95

Poe’s most famous quotes adorn this 14 ounce mug, so you can enjoy your coffee or tea along with some immortal lines by Poe when you start each day. The mug also comes in a fun gift box and is made by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild in Brooklyn, New York.


3. Once Upon A Midnight Dreary Enamel Pin – $11.99

Ectogasm’s pin is based on Poe’s deliciously dreary opening lines of “The Raven.” It features the words in a spooky, swirling banner and is made from sturdy black metal with a white enamel fill. Two pins in the back hold it securely in place on your clothes, hat, bag, or wherever you decide to pin it.


2. Edgar Allan Poe Macabre Mansion Jigsaw Puzzle – $35

This incredible puzzle features scenes and items from Edgar Allan Poe’s works. The image is hand-drawn then colored in Photoshop and is full of details and clues from famous Poe stories. This is such a gorgeous, unique item – it would be a dream (within a dream) to assemble the puzzle while listening to Poe stories!


1. The Raven Fingerless Writing Gloves – $26

These black fingerless gloves feature white lettering with lines from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.” and are handmade with soft, 100% cotton knit fabric. I love how long they are, and I can imagine wearing them while exploring a crumbling cemetery in winter or just wearing them to keep my hands toasty while working on the computer.


These dreadfully whimsical Edgar Allan Poe-inspired items are sure to add macabre delight to the lives of Poe fans everywhere who will surely be “raven” about them on Poe’s birthday!

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