Shudder is, to put it simply, a horror fan’s dream come true. The spook-centric streaming platform features some of the smartest and weirdest horror ever done, whether modern or classic. At NYCC, I got to sit in on a panel with some of the titans of Shudder, and their insight into the service and the genre was thrilling. First there was Sam Zimmerman, who curates the programming on Shudder (thanks Sam!). Next, there was Joe Bob Briggs, horror host legend and current host of Shudder’s smash-hit The Last Drive-In. And then there was Greg Nicotero, a horror make-up master who is a serious driving force behind The Walking Dead. It was enthralling to listen to this trio of awesome speak at length about their lifelong love of horror. But what was especially exciting was the news they gave us regarding the platform’s upcoming line of entertainment.

So without further ado, here’s what we learned from the Shudder panel at New York Comic Con.


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From Shudder Curator Sam Zimmerman, we got some tantalizing descriptions of the best in horror coming to the streaming service. Sam travels worldwide to select movies for Shudder. Then he comes back from Film Festivals everywhere with some fascinating, innovative and terrifying features. He is especially excited about this week’s Satan’s Slaves, which he calls a fascinating twist on the haunted house film. Sam is also excited for Terrified, an Argentinian horror film centered on the haunting, garish paranormal activity on one small town’s street. Finally, Zimmerman sang the praises of Channel Zero, which he calls the ‘best horror show on TV.’ Eat your heart out, The Terror.


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Joe Bob Briggs, known as the host of MonsterVision on TNT, detailed his latest work with Shudder. Fans may remember when, during a stream of Briggs’s latest horror commentary marathon, Shudder’s servers actually shut down due to the volume of watchers. Briggs talked about his plans to return to The Last Drive-In, and what excited him most about upcoming marathons. Apparently, Briggs will be hosting his very favorite film in one of the upcoming runs. Though Briggs didn’t clarify which film this would be, he did specify it would be during the Thanksgiving marathon. That marathon, appropriately, focuses on the Deadliest Dinners in Horror Movies. So far, this mystery movie was deemed ‘too grisly for cable,’ said Briggs. Knowing Joe Bob’s adoration of the goriest and grossest, this film is sure to be a stomach-turner, no matter what it is.

Finally, there was Greg Nicotero, who spent most of the panel detailing the upcoming Creepshow reboot. Nicotero touched on his experience with the original show, revealed that he actually owns the infamous ‘Crate’ prop, and assured fans that the show would be a respectful follow-up to the classic films. To do the latter, Nicotero revealed that Stephen King would return to create one of the Creepshow stories, and that the “comic book” feel of the series would feature heavily. Apparently, Shudder will actually provide their subscribers with a digital comic book of the individual episodes. Hopefully, Nicotero said, these comic books would even make it into print.

If you’re not already subscribed to Shudder, check it out! We here at Nightmare on Film Street are huge fans, and we couldn’t be any more excited about the quality horror content headed its way. For more on Creepshow, check out the Creepshow poster that Shudder revealed at its panel today.

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