Found footage horror Hell House LLC is getting its second sequel. The previous films surround a ‘real-life’ haunt in-the making – following our camera-wielding protagonists as they built a fake haunted houses on-top of rumored real one; The Abbadon Hotel.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Terror Films’ House LLC III: Lake of Fire began production this week and will be released on Shudder later this year. The third film in the Hell House LLC trilogy sees writer/director Stephen Cognetti and producer Joe Bandelli returning. Along with them, many of the cast of the original film and its sequel will be returning to their roles.


Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire will take place one year after the second film. A billionaire, played by Gabriel T. Chytry, buys the new house our film takes place, just before it is to be torn down with plans to host his interactive show called Insomnia. He hires a journalist, played by Elizabeth Vermilyea, and her crew to film everything happening within the hotel. As horror films go, things take a turn for the worse and they find themselves in a situation that could result in Hell on Earth. The new and returning cast of characters will find themselves in a battle for their very souls as the secrets of the Abaddon unfold.

Hell House III will be taking a cue from the original Hell House LLC, returning to its roots to capture the same intensity and fear fans and critics alike fell in love with,” said Terror Films president Joe Dain.


Dain then goes on to mention that this final film in the Hell House LLC trilogy will act as a precursor to a limited series currently in development called The Abaddon Tapes which will expand upon the history of the Abaddon.

The first Hell House LLC came out in 2015 and found a group of friends turning the abandoned Abaddon Hotel into a haunted house attraction and find that they had their work cut out for them. Last year Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel released on Shudder and expanded upon the lore of the first film, showing that there is much more going on with the Abaddon than meets the eye.

What this series has really been great at has been mixing scares and lore together to create a captivating mystery. The scares are subtle, the location is creepy, and the growing mythology is engaging – making for a found footage series that stands out among all the rest.

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