Earlier this week, it was first revealed that Rob Zombie has begun filming 3 From Hell, the sequel to The Devil’s Rejects. And the news only sweetens; In a recent Instagram post, Zombie confirmed Sid Haig will return as Captain Spaulding, alongside Bill Moseley and Sherri Moon Zombie, who will reprise their roles as Otis and Baby Firefly, respectively.

3 From Hell will round out Zombie’s trilogy that began with 2003s, House of 1000 Corpses. The film drew a great deal of inspiration from Tobe Hooper’s classic, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and introduced audiences to the demented Firefly clan.


2005’s The Devil’s Rejects follows the three surviving members of the Firefly family (Captain Spaulding, Otis, and Baby) as they take their murderous show on the road while trying to evade the police. The Devil’s Rejects is often heralded as Zombie’s best film and fans have been hoping for many years that the rumors of a sequel were true.


3 From Hell: The Firefly Family Returns

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There was no official news released regarding a sequel until Zombie posted photos to his own Instagram to prove that filming had finally begun on 3 From Hell. The hashtags are the only visual evidence we have that the three stars have returned from the previous films. One photo, in particular, leaves fans speculating about who could possibly be in the police van labeled, “Bain County Prison”.

At the close of The Devil’s Rejects, the remaining Firefly family members drove into a police barricade and were met with a hail of bullets, leaving us all to believe that they are dead. Does this image imply that they are not dead? Or are their bodies in the van? Is the title, 3 From Hell, to lead the audience to believe that Captain Spaulding, Otis, and Baby will be returning from the grave as the un-dead?

Are you excited for 3 From Hell? What do you think is in the works for the three villains from The Devil’s Rejects? Keep the conversation going on the Nightmare on Film Street Facebook page!