Two of our favorite Londoners, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (both of Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy), will be returning home to adapt a beloved fantasy book series. It’s been announced that Pegg and Frost’s production company, Stolen Picture, has acquired the rights to the Rivers of London written by Ben Aaronovitch (Doctor Who). Described by Deadline:

The Rivers of London series follows Peter Grant, an ordinary police constable turned magician’s apprentice as he solves crimes across the British capital with a blend of urban fantasy, mystery thriller and fantasy caper.


The first season, presumably 8-10 episodes, would follow the events of the first book Midnight Riot where we see Grant’s introduction to the fantasy world of London while investigating a string of bizarre murders. There’s Gods & Goddesses, wizards, and Grant’s key eye witness is a ghost among the various supernatural players we’ll get to see. Pegg and Frost are no strangers to the genre world, between zombies in Shaun of the Dead to an apocalyptic alien invasion in The World’s End. Plus, add in a little Hot Fuzz police procedural and they can bring some of the same Cornetto Trilogy charm.


Obviously from the title, the series is set in London, but is described as a character itself within the series. This makes the series personal to Pegg, getting to show the London you don’t typically see and describes the city as “historically rich… it has such a vast history, it is a strange fantasy land” to Deadline. As of now, the creative team is still being put together aside from Pegg and Frost producing and author Ben Aaronovitch serving as an executive producer.

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Until the team is fleshed out, hard to pin down a tone for the series but with a witty, sarcastic protagonist and a colorful world to play in, my best guess would be Sherlock meets Lost Girl (a show you’ve probably never heard of, but should watch). There’s no time-table in mind as the production company has many projects in development. But the premise and names behind it are intriguing enough!

Any Rivers of London fans out there? Are you excited for the adaptation? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit your thoughts!


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