In 2009, a legend began. It started with a picture, on a forum called Something Awful. Users were in a photoshop battle to determine who could make the creepiest photo. One of those users, a man called Victor Surge, did something much more than that. He took an innocent picture, inserted a menacing figure into the background, and made internet history.

The picture spread like a disease, and before long, forum users everywhere were familiar with the photo’s monster: Slender Man.


The terrifyingly thin entity became the subject of a large number of viral creepypastas. Soon, there was a fanbase established, and horror creators took to incorporating Slender man into their art. So far, the best example of that has been Slender, the free-to-play horror game. Known for its pulse-pounding audio effects and unwinnable gameplay, Slender was a huge hit in the gaming world, and established the well-dressed Slender Man as a horror icon.

Now, it looks like that icon has come full circle. Yesterday, IGN’s Twitter announced that a trailer was coming for the 2018 Slender Man movie. They released a minimal but spooky poster to go along with the announcement, silhouetting Slender Man’s ghoulish figure. Then at 9 AM EST today, the full trailer arrived:

The film looks like it will be centered around the disappearance(s?) of a child, which fits in exactly with Slender Man lore. In fact, the film looks very faithful to the source material. We can assume this is in no small part because creator Victor Surge is attached to write the movie. Slender Man is headed to theaters on May 18th, 2018.

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