Some exciting news in the world of new, original horror projects today! According to Deadline, Sony Picture’s genre label Screen Gems is partnering up with production company Ground Control to create Screen Gems’ Horror Lab. This collaborative effort will mainly focus on developing “horror genre proof-of-concepts.” New filmmakers will be able to make original shorts that may eventually be turned into feature-length films.


Screen Gems’ head Steve Bersch had this to say about what Horror Lab is and what its primary goal will be:

“We envision the Horror Lab as another step in the evolution of our label as a leading genre supplier. We pride ourselves on supporting next generation creatives and see this as another way to bring exciting new talent and ideas to global audiences.”


Ground Control was founded by Scott Glassgold, and he will be acting as producer on these proof-of-concepts and their potential feature-length film adaptations. Meanwhile, Scott Strauss and Michael Bitar will be overseeing Horror Lab for Screen Gems.

Right now, Ground Control is in search of new and diverse talent from all around the world. They hope to find those with “strong, original horror concepts.”

Ground Control has already found some success with two proof-of-concepts later turned into films: Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell’s Prospect and HaZ Dulull’s The Beyond. Both movies were science fiction in nature.

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Sony Pictures’ Motion Picture Group’s subdivision Screen Gems is known for releasing horror and sci-fi titles. Some of their better known films include Ghost of Mars, The Forsaken, The Mothman Prophecies, the Resident Evil cinematic franchise, the Underworld franchise, Hostel and Hostel II, The Cave, The Messengers, and Vacancy. They were also behind the remakes of Carrie, Prom Night, The Stepfather, and When a Stranger Calls. Some of their more recent horror movies are Don’t Breathe, and Searching.

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