As first reported by Variety in early 2016, Jen and Sylvia Soska will be directing a remake of David Cronenberg’s 1977 classic Rabid. The twin sisters from Canada won over our hearts with 2009’s Dead Hooker in a Trunk and in 2012 with the incredible American Mary. Since then, they have worked on See No Evil 2 and Vendetta for WWE Studios and Hellevator, a horror-themed game show for the Game Show Network. Horror fiends around the world have been waiting for more news regarding the long-gestating remake, and it looks like our patience (let’s be honest, not an attribute we’re best known for) has finally paid off.

In an article on A71 Entertainment picking up Rabid for Canadian distribution,The Hollywood Reporter let it be known that cameras will roll in early 2018. The original film, one of Cronenberg‘s early works, followed Rose, a young woman who has to undergo experimental plastic surgery after a horrific motorcycle accident. This procedure may have fixed her face, but it also gave her an insatiable hunger for human blood. In typical Cronenberg fashion, she obtains this blood through a grotesque stinger that emerges from her armpit.

Rose from 1977's Rabid

Rose Feasts on a Victim in 1977’s Rabid.

The new film will follow a similar story, but will switch up 1977’s fears of plastic surgery for today’s controversy surrounding stem cell therapy. Social commentary will definitely be at the forefront of Jen and Sylvia’s version of the film. In an interview with Horror Channel UK, the sisters claimed to not like remakes unless they were told from a fresh point of view. They want to tell this story from Rose’s perspective as well as “make a commentary on the increasingly rabid world that we live in.”

Hot at the Shop:

Hot at the Shop:

We are really excited for this remake to get underway and to witness the Soska’s triumphant return to body horror. In the meantime, you can sate your appetite with the original film on Shudder after checking out the trailer below.

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