Friday the 13th: the Game is the independently designed, Kickstarter backed, multiplayer slasher game from Gun Media and Illfonic. It was released earlier this year, to an overwhelmingly large audience. Though the were some hiccups along the way, it is a highly addictive, unpredictable gaming experience.


Since the launch, the developers of Friday the 13th: the Game have been working overtime to deliver updates that both smooth out kinks in the playing field, and add fun new elements to the game. The upcoming update promises just that;

It’s Spring Break at Camp Crystal Lake, and the counselors have decided to break out their trunks and bikinis! That’s right campers, introducing the Spring Break 1984 swimsuit clothing pack.

friday the 13th the game spring of 1984
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In addition to the clothing DLC that will be arriving soon, the developers are also working on smaller fast paced maps. These maps are designed for seasoned, more stealthy players – and those in private matches with less than the default of 8 players.

 We rebalanced for the smaller map, changed up spawner locations, changed where the parts and cars are, as well as cabins and camps. You’ll still find the bigger structures in familiar locations, but don’t get too comfy. Smaller maps might mean you don’t have to hunt long to find an item, but it also means Jason has a smaller area to hunt you.

They’ve also teased a NEW Jason and map designed after the films, but little details are currently available. Keep an eye on their new website for updates.

The game is currently available digitally on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Physical Release of the game is coming Friday, October 13th.