Stan Against Evil has “cult classic” in its DNA. Set in the oddball town of Willard’s Mill, the IFC comedy has garnered a sizable following. Ahead of the third season’s premiere, the cast of Stan Against Evil came to New York Comic Con to promote the show. Stars John C. McGinley and Janet Varney joined executive producer Dana Gould on stage at the Javits Center and talked about the upcoming season, inspirations for the show, and the hearts of the characters.


The panel kicked off with a recap of the end of Season 2. For those that don’t know, Stan has utterly failed in his attempt to change the past and save his wife. A portal to Hell is wide open and evil forces are encroaching more than ever into the seemingly quiet town. So, began the first question, how does Stan get out of this? John C McGinley, Stan himself, answered:

“Everything Stan has ever done has been wrong. It’s lead to his wife dying, the portal to Hell has been left open. So what Stan‘s going to have to do is change his whole approach to life. He’s going to have to go against everything he’s ever done before. If he can, if he cares to. So that’s Stan‘s arc in Season 3.”


Then the questions turned to Janet Varney, who plays Evie in the show. The moderator mentioned the fact that Stan has actually kept his time-meddling from Evie, and asked if she would be upset. Varney responded:

“Yeah, I mean, if there’s anything that Evie would say after Season 2 it’s ‘have you not learned anything? you can’t keep secrets from me. You can’t do this on your own.’ I think that was certainly felt as I was reading the Season 3 script. If Stan didn’t care as much about the people in his life, he wouldn’t feel this need to save them. So it’s this kind of warped relationship. New Stan has kind of learned? But his emotions kind of get in the way.”


Gould summed up the questions about Stan‘s character, perfectly describing the crotchety old monster hunter.

“If Stan had termites in his house, he’d burn his house down. It’s not solving the problem, it’s how you solve this problem. This season is about a really terrible decision that Stan makes. In this season, he thinks he finds a way to end the entire curse. To do that, he allies himself with someone he shouldn’t.”


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At one point in the panel, Varney returned to her character, specifically addressing whether or not Evie sees herself as a hero. “I don’t know that she has that perspective. I think that Evie can only deal with what the very next problem is. When she might have the occasion to step back and make that realization, she’d rather be scrapbooking or listening to David Bowie. You know, she needs to unwind and be a human being. She has zero room to realize whether she’s a hero or not.”

Dana Gould spoke in length how crazy this season would be, calling it a “live action Simpsons Halloween episode.” He explains that there’s a there’s a great storyline ahead, one that delves into the mythology of Willard’s Mill as much as it “blows it up.” In one particularly exciting moment, Gould detailed an episode that will have horror fans howling for more.

“There are two agents from the New Hampshire State Bureau of Paranormal Phenomena who look like some famous FBI agents, and for our older viewers there’s a nosy reporter that follows them around wearing a pork pie hat and seersucker suit.” Gould went on to confirm he’d like to eventually include Planet of the Apes and Children of the Corn references. In a show so chocked-full of classic horror references, season three is sure to be bleeding with them.

Stan Against Evil season 3 premieres this Halloween Night, October 31st, at 10 PM on IFC, and we’ve got the trailer for you, below. I got to watch one of the early episodes and I can guarantee it is just as weird, funny, and respectful of old horror as you expect. For more New York Comic Con coverage, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. For everything Stan Against Evil, keep lurking at Nightmare on Film Street.