State Like Sleep premiered at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival and contains one hell of a cast. The reception at Tribeca was great and it is set for wide release on January 4th of next year. Now, we get our first peak in a tense, mysterious trailer.

Like many celebrity, Katherine’s husband Stefan lived a life that was very well constructed and based more on appearances than reality. This she knew, the depth of the façade, however, after a fateful phone call one year after his death. It turns out, while things were not as they seemed to the public, they weren’t as they seemed to her either. Mysteries widen, investigations reopen and things get even darker than Katherine thought possible. Just how deep did his double life go? That’s what she’s determined to discover.


State Like Sleep is written and directed by Meredith Danluck, whose other feature credit is the fantastic North of South, West of East, which she also wrote and directed. She is known for her devotion to her projects and her painstaking attention to detail and this new endeavor seems no different. The cast is full of actors who take their work very seriously and that also bodes well. Some examples from the cast include the wonderful Michiel Huisman of Game of Thrones fame, Katherine Waterston from the Fantastic Beasts films and the incomparable Michael Shannon (The Shape of Water, Nocturnal Animals).

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While most of the crew are relatively new, independent artists, Christopher Blauvelt was brought on to handle the cinematography. Blauvelt is a veteran of everything from Speed to Zodiac. In the end you get that independent spirit, but with a look that is polished and grounded. As we all know, a good noir thriller has to have style and they certainly have the team for it.

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