Ever since the adaptation was announced, fans of Stephen King’s seminal 1986 horror novel, IT, have been clamoring for the release of this film. The anticipation for some was somewhat lessened when another much-anticipated King adaptation (July 2017’s The Dark Tower) failed to meet critical expectations. But fans can rest easy, for the King himself has voiced his approval for the newest adaptation of his work. A new video interview has been released of King speaking about the film.

King has never been known to stay quiet about his feelings on adaptations of his work. Sometimes this is a good thing. He praised Brian De Palma’s 1976 version of his first novel, Carrie. But other times, he’s been something of a stickler for closeness to the source material. He famously didn’t much care for Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 version of The Shining, although his stance on the film has somewhat softened with time.


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King apparently quite likes this new version of his doorstopper (1,138 pages!). In the interview he goes so far as to say, “I’m sure my fans will enjoy the movie. I think they’re gonna really enjoy the movie. And I think that some of them will go back two or three times.” Considering some of the things he’s said about past adaptations of his work, that’s certainly high praise!

The film shifts the time frame of the novel, which originally took place in 1957. Though this angered some purists, King doesn’t seem to have an issue with the partial modernization. He goes on to say that, “To me, that isn’t the important thing. The important thing is that they kept the core idea, that Pennywise gets to these kids by finding out what they’re afraid of, and being that thing.”

IT is directed by Andrés Muschietti, and hits theaters in the United States on September 8, 2017.