We’re officially in the the Season of the King.  It‘s release earlier this month took the September Box Office by storm, breaking records by the day. With Gerald’s Game hitting Netflix this Friday, and 1922 following up later next month, we’re preparing for a fall season chock full of Stephen King’s horror-tinged Midas touch.

And the Stephen King adaptations show no sign of slowing down. In a recent interview with Vulture, Stephen King revealed discussions for remakes of Salem’s Lot and The Stand are in the works!


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There’s talk about doing The Stand as an extended TV series, possibly for Showtime or CBS All Access, and there’s been some interest in developing Salem’s Lot as a feature, probably because people are saying, ‘Well, we took an old miniseries called It and turned it into a phenomenon, so maybe we can do it with something else.’ Nothing succeeds like excess!

If you need a refresh on the original adaptations, The Stand (1994) follows the remaining survivors of a deadly plague. The survivors have split off into two groups – one led by a benevolent elder and the other by a maleficent being. What takes place is a battle royale between good and evil. In Salem’s Lot (1979), originally directed by the late Tobe Hooper, we follow a novelist and a young horror fan as they attempt to save a small New England town which has been invaded by vampires.

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King also alluded to a top-secret, animated project in development, but refused to spill the beans;

There’s talk about another thing, an animated feature, but I can’t tell you anything further — it’s a secret. That looks like it might happen.


It seems us Stephen King fans are going to have a bunch of new content to look forward to! For now, we’ll have to sit tight and see It for the second time.