STRANGER THINGS Gets Makeover In SNL Spoof With Natalie Portman

The Twitter universe once again awed the general public with its limitless knowledge, creating quite a buzz in the form of one simple tweet. Twitter handle @jansantaliz posted a side-by-side comparison of Stranger Things star, Millie Bobby Brown and Natalie Portman on January 15th, 2018. 

The internet immediately followed suit with their own side-by-side comparison of the two stars. Since the doppelganger buzz took shape, Saturday Night Live recently chimed in on the excitement by producing a Stranger Things skit starring Natalie Portman. Making use of her uncanny resemblance to the young star, Portman portrayed central character, Eleven, in the hilarious skit. Titled Stranger Things 3, Portman alongside Mikey Day (portraying Mike Wheeler) are confronted by a gang of misfits with superpowers. Seemingly disconcerted by the threat of the gang members, Mike continuously attempts to steal a kiss from Eleven. In hilarious SNL fashion, the situation stirs an interesting brew of comical jabs at Stranger Things, capitalizing Portman’s Eleven impersonation. As the skit progresses, we learn each misfit has a superpower which is accompanied by odd consequences.

Overpowered by Eleven’s telekinesis, misfit Beck Bennett ‘Fourteen’ reveals his power is igniting fires yet vomits as a result. “I’m Fourteen, I can start fires with my mind. But, everytime I do I throw up a little bit in my mouth. Watch.” proceeds to throw up, “Pretty cool right?”. Immediately following Eleven’s encounter with Fourteen, she is introduced to new characters and their odd powers:

  • Cecily Strong ‘Nine‘, “I can read people’s minds. But, if I do, it makes me fart.
  • Pete Davidson ‘Five‘, “I can run really fast like the Flash. But, everytime I do, I get a boner.”
  • Alex Moffatt, “I make fantastic chili. But, the only downside is my brain starts bleeding.”

Several recurring cast members make an appearance as well, adding to the hilarious mixture of awkward conversation. Overall, Portman steals the skit with her spot-on resemblance and impressive impersonation of Eleven. Check out the clip and witness the hilarious moment for yourself.

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