When you think of horror fandom, the first thing that comes to mind is summer! What? No? Ok, fine, it’s true. Fall and winter are more our jam. Halloween, dark clouds, it fits us. Still, summer is here and there’s no stopping it! What are we going to do?!


Don’t worry my vitamin-D deficient lovelies, NOFS has you covered. Stranger Things season 3 is coming July 4th to Netflix and companies are jumping all over that bandwagon. You know what that means? Official licensed Stranger Things-themed summer toys and gear from Big Mouth Inc.!

The hit Netflix Original Series Stranger Things is back for a 3rd season, debuting July 4th. The official trailer showed us how “one summer can change everything…”, but if anyone knows how to change a summer, it’s BigMouth.

So it was only right to team up with Netflix and give the people of Hawkins, Indiana (okay, and everyone else) a line of officially licensed Stranger Things products. Whether you’re looking to head to the Hawkins Rec Center Pool with Steve, have a Bitchin’ beach day with Eleven, or square up with a Demogorgon in the backyard, we’ll be there for it.


This summer they have tons of Stranger Things-themed floats. Want a pool float that matches your ‘Lydia from Beetlejuice’ style swimsuit? Why not try the 11 Waffle Pool Float, with dripping blood- er.. syrop! How about a sensory deprivation pool to waste away the summer days? They also have a Scoops Ahoy Pool Float complete with cute little floating beverage boats that say ‘Ahoy’ on them. Adorable.

Want to take the fun outside the pool? Might I recommend the Demogorgan Sprinkler. “A 6ft Demogorgon in your back yard sounds pretty terrifying. But what if we told you this one will keep you cool all summer long. Oh and don’t worry, we won’t let this one take Will.”

When you get overheated playing in the sprinkler, chill for a bit on your Missing Barb Milk Carton Beach Towel. Remember that gooey thing Dustin kept as a pet and named D’Artagnan? They have a pool float of it you can ride on! “Grab onto the handles and slither on over to the Upside Down with Dustin’s beloved Demogorgan mini-me




So, gear up you ghouls! Celebrate summer in style with some Stranger Things goodness. What’s your favorite summer gear? Let us know over on Twitter, our Official Subreddit, and in the Horror movie Fiend Club on Facebook!