Cannibalism is a morbid, yet fascinating concept. Pair that with the tumultuous journey of puberty, and you’ve got yourself a story ripe for the horror genre. Such is the plot of bestselling novel Bones & All, now about to be adapted by screenwriter of Suspiria (2019), Dave Kajganich. The award-winning novel was originally written by Camille DeAngelis and the news comes from producer and literary agent Theresa Park.

The concept of Bones & All is quite intriguing. This is a coming of age tale of Maren Yearly. The tagline of the novel is ‘she doesn’t just break hearts, she devours them’. The synopsis is:

Maren has issues with showing affection and when someone does, she can’t stop herself from eating them. When her mother abandons her at 16, she decides to seek out a father that she’s never met. Maren goes through quite a journey to find herself and might not like who she finds.


DeAngelis’ novel has a dark concept and it excites me that Kajganich is taking on the adaptation. Last year’s Suspiria was in works for years, but he was the right man for the job with its lore-building re-imagining. Kajganich said to Deadline, “We’ve all become used to the status quo of jump-scare horror, but this story with something so disquieting, tense and human at its center.” Then then went on to state, “It will give us the chance to engage the genre aggressively from the side of the character.”


He is also joined by Antonio Campos who is directing Bones & All. Campos doesn’t have any directing credits in the genre, but he did produce the dark, cult film Martha Marcy May Marlene back in 2011 as well as this year’s Piercing. The two of them will also produce Bones & All alongside Park.


I’m excited to see who gets cast in Bones & All and where this project goes. What about you? Are you excited about this news? Let us know on TwitterReddit, and in the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!