It’s a good time to be a DC Comics fan. Well, maybe not when it comes to movies, but definitely when it comes to TV. The comic book giant’s original streaming service, “DC Universe,” launches this October 12th. The first title it will launch is Titans, but there are several other shows on their way as well. One of those shows is a long-awaited Swamp Thing adaptation.

The Alan Moore-inspired comic book show has had fans excited since news of its creation hit the web, and today there’s even more reason for excitement. Len Wiseman, creator of the Underworld series, will direct the pilot episode.


Wiseman has a long and storied career in TV. He’s directed the pilots for Fox’s Hawaii Five-O and APB at Fox. He’s also the director behind the second episode of Fox’s The Gifted. Not only has he created a TV horror series, Sleepy Hollow, but he’s even created a DC Comic horror TV series, Lucifer. That’s some very specific experience to have on a person’s resume, but we’re thankful that he’s handling the Swamp Thing pilot.

This news comes to us via Deadline. In the article, we also find hints of the show’s overarching plot. Apparently, the series follows Abby Arcane‘s investigation into a mysterious swamp in Louisiana. As fans already know, Abby Arcane is the significant other of Swamp Thing and daughter of the villainous Anton Arcane. Presumably, we’ll see these relationships on screen, but the Deadline article doesn’t clarify how. Swamp Thing will debut in 2019, so we’ll have to wait to find out.

Are you a fan of Wiseman’s previous work? What do you think he’ll bring to Swamp Thing? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. And hey, why not check out our other Swamp Thing coverage? For all your Swamp Thing news, and all your horror news in general, keep lurking at Nightmare on Film Street.


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Image via IMDb