DC fans rejoice, Swamp Thing is coming to your screens. The Hollywood Reporter announced yesterday that the popular horror comic will be adapted for DC’s original streaming service, DC Universe. And if you’re not already peeing your pants with excitement over that, get ready—> The series will be helmed by none other than James Wan.
Swamp Thing is an offbeat, horror-focused addition to the DC Comics menu. Since the series began in the late 70’s, several horror icons have contributed to its resume. Notably, that list includes Bernie Wrightson, who provided illustrations for several volumes of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, and Alan Moore, the mad genius/dark wizard responsible for From Hell and Watchmen. And if you don’t recognize either of those names, you might recognize the director of the 1982 Swamp Thing movie, Wes Craven. Wan will be the latest in this series of horror creatives to tackle Swamp Thing, and we think he’ll be up for the task.
swamp thing
Though James Wan is known for Saw, The Conjuring, and the Insidious series, this will not be his first foray into comic book films. In fact, it won’t even be his first shot at the DC Comics universe. The Wan-helmed Aquaman is coming this year, starring Jason Mamoa as the titular character. According to early reports, Aquaman will be another comic book flick horror enthusiasts should watch out for. Fans only have to wait until December for Aquaman, but DC hasn’t determined a date for Swamp Thing‘s premiere.
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