Horror and hazing. Hazing and horror. If there was ever a situation ripe for the plucking in our macabre little genre, it’s what occurs behind the closed doors of McMansions taken over by youths on rush week.

Pledge follows three friends on the outside looking in. Nerds, geeks, outcasts. Not your typical starched-collar, cardigan wearing, “my dad’s a lawyer” collegiate types. But after raging parties and a suspicious amount of hospitality, these friends might just be into the fraternity life after-all. Until something sinister begins to unfold..


You can discover for yourself when Pledge hits theatres and VOD on January 11th.



From IFC Midnight, Pledge stars Zachery Byrd, Aaron Dalla Villa, Zachary Weiner, Phillip Andre Botello, Cameron Cowperthwaite, Jesse Pimentel, Joe Gallagher, and Erica Boozer. It was written by Zachary Weiner and Daniel Robbins. The film snagged Best Directer and Best Editing at Screamfest 2018.

Nightmare on Film Street’s Jonathan Dehaan caught Pledge at Fantasia 2018 and called the film “a blood-stained revenge of the nerds”.


From the Press Release:

“IFC Midnight invites you to screen PLEDGE, directed by Daniel Robbins. Three nerdy college freshmen, Ethan, David, and Justin, are having a tough time adjusting to college life. Rejected and ridiculed by just about every fraternity on campus, they are prepared to give up all hope. That is, until a girl invites them off campus to a party at a secluded mansion. They are not only invited in, but also treated like princes by the resident brothers. The party is everything they dreamed college would be—beautiful women, drinking, and most importantly, a cool group of guys willing to accept them as one of their own. When the friends are presented with an opportunity to pledge the elite social club, they accept without hesitation. However, as the gruesome, dehumanizing hazing progresses, a more sinister picture of the club emerges. PLEDGE had its World Premiere at top genre festival FANTASIA in Montreal, and is fresh off its U.S. premiere at SCREAMFEST in Los Angeles.”


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