Exclusive STRANGER THINGS DVD Set at Target

Need a gift idea for your favorite fan of the hit show Stranger Things? Earlier this month, Target released an exclusive collector’s edition of Season 1 of Stranger Things, Netflix’s hit sci-fi horror show. This collector’s edition features the 4K/UHD and Blu-Ray editions of the shows as well as a free poster. It also flaunts a VHS-style packaging, playing on the 80s flair that fans fell in love with.

Most viewers consider 4K Ultra-HD to be the highest quality of video and audio for DVDs. It features high contrast and color depth (HDR) and higher-quality audio tracks. It’s also one of the newest options for TVs. While the release of the new 4K/UHD version has been long-awaited, reviews for the new format have been less than stellar. According to one review, the new release lacks the “High Dynamic Range” of the 4K format and offers only the “lossy” English 5.1 Dolby Digital. The Blu-Ray release, however, featured the “lossless” Dolby TrueHD audio of the Blu-Ray release.


The 4K edition also dropped nearly a full month after the Blu-Ray edition without warning. Many viewers wished they’d waited to just purchase the 4K edition, which includes the Blu-Ray set.

Stranger Things to come…

However, despite the underwhelming reviews of the 4K/UHD set, fans‘ love for the show has not diminished. The show’s second season had over 15 million viewers the day of its premiere. It was also accompanied by an after-showBeyond Stranger Things, also on Netflix.

The show, which debuted on July 15th, 2016, immediately drew in viewers with its 80’s nostalgia and a skin-crawling plot, not to mention characters that stole the hearts of their fans. Season 2 continued to please, giving viewers another dose of the contagious curiosity and hair-raising monsters that made it a success.

Stranger Things has been greenlit for its third season to be released on Netflix.

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