We finally have a release date for the final season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead series; August 14th.

The Walking Dead is probably best known as a television series on AMC. But it has taken on many different forms over the past few years – starting out as a comic book series then branching out into paperback novels, two television series’ and two video game franchises. My favorite incarnation by far is the Telltale video game series.


Telltale managed to produce a gameplay mechanic that is incredibly immersive; a sort of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure series’, a graphic novel and a video game all rolled into one. You find yourself actually caring about the characters and wanting to keep playing to find out what happens next. Every choice you make influences what will happens next – you feel rewarded for sticking with the game and seeing how your choices pan out.

If you haven’t played this series but love horror, give it a go. There’s no prior knowledge of The Walking Dead and its incarnations needed to enjoy it as Telltale have created their own characters and events. Although followers of the television series may recognize a few familiar faces.

One of the most interesting aspects is that a majority of the series centers around a girl named Clementine (who is eight years old at the beginning of the first game). She is a complex character, who proves herself to be far more resourceful and resilient than most of the adults around her. It sounds a little cliché but I’m really looking forward to see how things pan out for her in this last installment.

The only downside is that just like with the previous season, there won’t be a Sony Vita release which is a shame because the vita is the perfect device for this kind of game. The first episode of The Walking Dead: Final Chapter will land on on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on August 14th, and a Nintendo Switch release later this year.


telltale's the walking dead final season