What is the scariest story you’ve ever been told? Usually, the stories that tend to terrify us most are the ones told to us by someone we know. When we hear about strange sounds coming from somewhere within someone’s home, objects appearing where they weren’t originally set down, or something terrifying they might’ve seen while out on a walk, our imaginations run wild with fear. Now, what happens when a haunting account driven by imagination becomes shattered by reality as they pull out their phone to show you that undeniable evidence in the form of a video?

In our age of technological advancements, it is no surprise that the strange and unusual could be captured so easily on video and shared around the world. With multitudes of devices so readily available at our fingertips, if you look in right places (like this article!), you might just find something that’ll send a cold chill down your spine.

Chances are, you didn’t end up here by mistake. Something about this link tickled your curiosity enough to take a peak into a realm of the otherworldly and get caught in the tangled web of freaky frights. Now that you’re here, you might as well get cozy because here are ten videos that are sure to leave you sleepless tonight.

Without further adieu, here are the 10 most terrifying videos we could find on Youtube.

**Just a quick disclaimer at the top** Though the majority of the videos below are ‘paranormal’ in nature, some of these videos depict very real, and very upsetting situations. This post is not for sensitive viewers.


1. Creeper In My Apartment

In 2009, New York actor, Joe Cummings kept finding that food was constantly going missing from his refrigerator. Confused about the missing items, he questioned his girlfriend of the time to find that she, too, claimed to not have eaten any of it. Joe set up a camera in his living room to get to the bottom of this mystery, and what he found was absolutely terrifying.

The footage Joe captured shows a homeless woman sliding her body out from a vent. She had been living in HIS HOUSE. The woman slips out late in the evening to pee in his kitchen sink before helping herself to the contents of his refrigerator. At one point in the video, the woman is startled to hear Joe approaching from the other room and hides just out of frame as he comes to pour himself something to drink before disappearing back into his bedroom.

Soon after, when reviewing the footage, Cummings immediately fled his apartment only to return with authorities to have the unidentified woman arrested from the tiny space she had been dwelling within his apartment.

Thus, this video just goes to show that when the answer to something as simple as some missing milk seems so clear, even you can’t be certain you’re aware of who exactly had been drinking it.



2. Levitating Girl in Russian Forest

Not much is known about this choppy found footage of a man out playing fetch with his dog in snowy wooded area somewhere in Russia. As the man calls out to his dog, Tarzan, saying, “Come here,” his companion appears distracted by something before taking off down a path, ignoring the calls. His owner follows.

What occurs afterward is perhaps one of the most startling supernatural moment ever caught on film.


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As the owner turns down the trail in pursuit of his pet, he stops dead in his tracks to find something incredibly terrifying and mind bending. A young child wearing a red coat levitates in the air only feet above his or her guardian in a clearing for mere seconds before the dog starts to bark. Immediately, the mysterious child and adult snap out of their activity, aware now of the man’s presence, before turning to flee into the woods.


3.  A Little Girl Is Spooked By Her Doll Moving On Its Own And Papers Flying Off A Table


In these CCTV footage clips taken of the same child in 2016, a little girl appears to be playing with two of her dolls as a third doll sits leaning against a chair close by. As the girl continues to play, the third doll, as if watching closely, starts to move after a moment, tilting its head slowly from left to right just out of the young girls view.

Later, when the CCTV changes its view to another room, the young girl appears to be drawing quietly at a table in her living room for a moment when a few of the papers from her table brush toward her unexpectedly, as if blown by a slight breeze. The little girl, startled by the sudden movement of the pages, runs from the room in fear of what she cannot see.

When the girl returns to the seemingly safe table, the presence becomes more apparent–papers begin to rattle violently, sending the girl fleeing once again, and objects begin to fly from the table.


4. Unbelievable Poltergeist Activity

After experiencing many strange happenings within his home–including finding the door to his attic open on many occasions–a man decided to set up a camera in his home to try to catch a glimpse of what might be happening between March 3rd and March 14th of 2008.  

What he found was truly terrifying.

In his first and second video, the man slowly starts to discover poltergeist-like activity starting to fester in his home. From discovering what appears to be a strange figure on camera to finding his dog hiding from something underneath his bed, things eventually start to to escalate quickly as loud thumps can be heard thundering through his home and physical objects start to be manipulated when the home owner investigates the source of the sounds.

Though this is the final of three videos showing the progression of paranormal activity within his home, it is absolutely clear that there is an otherworldly presence dwelling in his house. It becomes extremely prevalent as a number of things start to occur. For example, a radio that is playing in the background starts to experience a strange interference throughout the video, the doorknob to the attic door starts to shake and turn wildly, and the door begins to opens and close on its own.


5. Office Ghost On 3 AM

Here’s a strange compilation of CCTV footage captured from the Castlefield House office surveillance system in Manchester on January 11th, 2012.

A seemingly quiet office space becomes an active spot for paranormal activity as numerous things start to take place early one Wednesday morning. Surveillance of the building’s interior presents a disturbing sequence of events as lights and computer screens begin to flicker, chairs start to move on their own, objects are tossed into the air, and door knobs start to shake furiously during the witching hour.


6. “Possessed” Woman In Chinese Supermarket Calmed Down By Exorcism

With so many strange and unusual videos coming from the privacy of a secluded home or establishment, it’s rare to witness something that has happened in a public space. For shoppers in the store caught on camera here, though, a trip down an average supermarket aisle quickly turned into a more sinister endeavor.

Hot at the Shop:

Hot at the Shop:

Take for instance this video (above) that shows the comfort of an ordinary business center in China being rocked by an extraordinary supernatural event. A middle aged woman appears to be shopping when, to her surprise, a product falls off of the shelf behind her. The woman bends down to pick up the item and place it back on the shelf where it belongs when suddenly something incredibly malevolent happens causing the entire scene to change dramatically.

With her hand still on the item, it appears as though some kind of powerful shock is sent through the woman’s body, causing her to physically tense up and drop her belongings on the floor. The woman’s body jerks and convulses in strange ways as she attempts to step away, drawing other shoppers to the peculiar situation that is starting to unfold. Watch as the onlookers attempt to help this helpless possessed woman recover in this shocking footage caught on the supermarket’s CCTV cameras.


7. Woman Jumps Out Of Window After Boss Tells Her Off

Very little is known about this video that surfaced in 2015, showing a woman jumping from a window from the office where she worked. In this video, which is only 26  seconds long, a horrific story unfolds in a matter of seconds. A woman is delivered papers to her desk by an angry superior. After a moment of contemplation, the woman stands up and walks calmly to the office window where she quickly unlatches the lock and jumps to her death as coworkers rush to try to stop her.


8. Elisa Lam

Perhaps one of the most infamous stories of the unexplained caught on video is the CCTV footage of Elisa Lam from the elevator camera in the notorious Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.

Following its completion in 1927, the Cecil Hotel has been shrouded in mystery, standing at the center of numerous murders, deaths, and suicides over the years.

The footage (above) surfaced soon after the mysterious disappearance Canadian college student, Elisa Lam, in February of 2013. Where most video evidence is supposed to shed light onto a missing persons case, this bizarre surveillance footage only seems to cast more darkness onto something quite sinister and suspicious.

The video shows Elisa entering the elevator on February 1st acting rather anxious as she hastily strikes numerous buttons in the cab. What follows has left even the most seasoned investigators puzzled. After a moment standing in the corner of the elevator, Elisa carefully approaches the still-open doors before lunging forward to peer quickly from right to left, as if on the lookout for someone who might be coming.

From here, Elisa retreats back into the cab to hide before nervously peeking out once again and making a series of strange motions, positioning and moving her arms and hands in a bizarre manner just outside of the elevator. Meanwhile, the elevator never closes during the several minutes this takes place, and Elisa eventually steps away–never be seen alive again.

Afterward, patrons of the Cecil Hotel began complaining about problems with their water pressure in their rooms. Some of the hotel’s guests also began to complain about the water having a very odd sweet taste and, at times, appearing darkened or black, which led the investigation to the rooftop. Authorities eventually discovered Elisa’s naked body within the hotel’s water supply tank.


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9. The Haunted Boy

Here’s a strange story brought to you from a televised news program in Jamaica. The child being interviewed in this strange case is allegedly haunted by the ghost of his best friend who died a short time before. Family and friends tell of the odd events that have been terrorizing the life of the young boy. During his interview he appears to be grabbed and pulled off by some unseen force, sending panicking family members scrambling to grab hold of him.


10. Ghost Footage Captured Weird Shadow Person? XBox One Kinect Creepy Disturbing

Not all creepy footage is captured on someone’s personal camera or CCTV.

Take, for instance, this footage accidently captured by Xbox user Zero Fox FK while setting up his Xbox One Kinect Sensor for the first time during a live stream on TWITCH. As he adjusts his camera and its settings for his XBox Kinect device, Zero Fox FK discovers he might not be the only person in the room when he selects the option, “What else does Kinect see?” to switch views.


Which of these unsettling Youtube videos got under your skin the most? Sound off in the comments!