2019 still has a third of the way to go, but it will surely go down in horror history as one of the most notable years for fans of Stephen King. In addition to the second screen adaptation of Pet Sematary, this year will see the end of Pennywise the Dancing Clown with It: Chapter 2 and the long-awaited return of Danny Torrance in Doctor Sleep, the adaptation of King’s The Shining sequel starring Ewan McGregor and picking up some 40 years after the events of the original.

To celebrate all things Stephen King, here are some more of the coolest promotional items created to advertise his works.




2017’s It was a horror blockbuster the likes of which the world has never seen. In addition to breaking just about every horror-related box office record there is, it became a cultural phenomenon and has spawned a countless number of licensed figurines and other merch based on Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgard) and the members of the Losers’ Club.

However, as is tradition, this article will be focusing on the promotional merchandise that was sent to members of the press and movie theaters to promote the return of Pennywise, appropriately 27 years after the original 1990 TV miniseries adaptation. These items are generally not available for purchase, but they can sometimes be found on eBay if you keep an eye out!

The most commonly available goodies were red balloons bearing the It logo. After all, what better way to advertise your movie about a balloon-carrying killer clown than with the balloons themselves? In keeping with the theme, red inflatable beach balls were also created to promote the movie. It-branded whistles complete the perfect Losers’ Club goody bag!

Perhaps the coolest piece of merch, which was also less commonly distributed, is this replica of poor Georgie’s (Jackson Robert Scott) iconic yellow raincoat. The red movie logo on the back makes this stand out from your average yellow raincoat, and would surely make a great addition to any Stephen King or Pennywise collection!

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As Chapter 2 gears up for release, updated “I Love Derry” balloons and collectible cups have been spotted, and there is sure to be more as Pennywise prepares for his grand finale!




Christine drove into theaters in 1983, based on the novel published earlier in the same year. It tells the story of nerdy teen Arnie Cunningham, who purchases and fixes up Christine, a red 1958 Plymouth Fury with a mind of her own and a fiery temper. Soon Arnie and everyone he knows are running for their lives from the sentient car, who won’t go down without a fight.

The last thing you’d expect from Stephen King’s killer car is for her to save the day, but if you’re the lucky the owner of one of these awesome Christine promotional emergency car kits, you may just find that to be the case. It consists of a standard first aid kit, as well as windshield cleaner and an emergency flag inside a plastic pouch with the movie’s logo on the outside. The tagline proclaims “She’s after you – she’ll drive you mad,” but it turns out Christine isn’t all bad.

Hot at the Shop:

Hot at the Shop:




Based on a novella by Stephen King about terrifying creatures that invade a small town following the arrival of the titular fog, the Frank Darabont-directed The Mist arrived in 2007. Although some considered the ending to be too dark, the movie received praise from the Master of Horror himself, who thought that the film’s polarizing conclusion was an improvement on his own.

Featuring a cast of colorful characters trapped in an everyday setting (a grocery store) and fending off oversized terrors, The Mist harkened back to the giant monster movies of the ’50s, with Darabont even wanting the movie to be released in theaters in black-and-white.

The special edition DVD release of the movie finally fulfilled that wish, and if you were one of the lucky first purchasers at Blockbuster Home Video (R.I.P.), you could even score a limited-edition snow globe depicting a poor character being devoured by the frightening fog. When you shake it, spider-like creatures float around menacingly, because this is a Stephen King snow globe, after all.

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Like The Mist1408 was released in 2007, based on a 1999 short story by Stephen King. The film adaptation stars John Cusack as skeptical author Mike Enslin, who visits supposedly haunted places and then writes about debunking them. He checks into the Dolphin Hotel, specifically the infamous room 1408, where no one can last more than an hour. This being a horror movie and all, everything that can go wrong does as soon as Mike steps through the door, and even if he does make it out of 1408, nothing will ever be the same again.

To promote the release of the latest Stephen King haunted hotel flick, these replica room keys were created and have found their way into the hands of lucky collectors. While many other replicas 1408 room keys and Dolphin Hotel key tags are available for fans, this promotional key remains the only official version available so far.



Inspired by the Beanie Babies craze of the 1990s, there was a line of Celebrity Bear beanbag plushes made by a different company. Naturally, #13 was dedicated to the King of Horror! For fans of both nostalgia and Stephen King, what could be better?!


Do you have any Stephen King merchandise, promotional or otherwise, in your collection? Share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram, and it could be featured in a future version of the Collector’s Crypt! Happy collecting!