Mothers’ Day is fast approaching, and this month The Collector’s Crypt is unleashing a bevy of mom-themed horror collectibles. There is no shortage of iconic mothers in horror cinema, from killers seeking revenge for crimes against their children, new moms terrorized by their charges, or simply women charged with protecting their offspring from evil, and as such there is no shortage of merch to collect. Check it out below!


Gifts For Baby Grace

[The Collector's Crypt] The Mother(s) of All Horror Collectibles

The first collectible from the crypt is from Grace, starring Jordan Ladd as Madeline, an expecting mother who is involved in a car accident that results in her husband being killed and her daughter being stillborn. When the baby, named Grace, miraculously is revived in the hospital with no explanation, it is only the beginning of a hellish nightmare as Madeline realizes there is something deeply wrong with her beloved new daughter, namely that she craves the taste of human blood.

Grace premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and received only a limited theatrical release, despite mostly positive reviews. To promote the release on DVD, plastic Grace-themed baby bottles accompanied copies of the movie sent to reviewers and film blogs. These were a perfect tie-in since all of the promotional materials and DVD cover prominently featured Grace’s bloody bottle. These were never available for general sale, so they are a rare find on eBay for collectors!



Adopt An Orphan Prize Pack

Also released in 2009 and featuring an altogether different kind of child-from-hell, Orphan stars Isabelle Fuhrman as Esther, a mysterious but charming young girl adopted by Kate and John Coleman, played by Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard, after the death of their unborn daughter. After Esther joins their family, also consisting of children Daniel and Max, Esther predictably but effectively begins to build her body count, alarming new mom Kate but completely fooling John with her deceiving smile, turning the couple against each other.

To garner hype for the movie, along with posters and trailers which devilishly teased “There’s something wrong with Esther” to make audiences wonder exactly what was wrong with her, prize packages were created for film websites to give out as contest winnings. These consisted of some cool items that tied-in to specific scenes from the movie, including a paint set complete with glow-paint, alluding to Esther’s hobby of hiding sinister scenes in her paintings only visible by blacklight.


Also included were some nice heavy-duty lockboxes, perfect for hiding those sinister secrets you can’t let your new parents find out about! The prize packs were finished off with hats and t-shirts, creating an awesome package any horror fan would want to welcome into their home.



Inherit These Hereditary Heirlooms

The next items from the crypt come courtesy of director Ari Aster’s debut feature, Hereditary, a harrowing tale of maternal madness spread over three generations that kicks off when secretive matriarch Ellen Leigh dies, leaving behind semi-estranged artist daughter Annie (Toni Collette) and her family to pick up the pieces. Ellen had a strong bond with Annie’s daughter Charlie before her passing, and it seems they might still have a connection even after death. When tragedy strikes again, Annie finds herself embroiled in a nightmare of spooky cults, animal killings, and human sacrifice. Fun times, right?

Daughter Charlie takes after her mother’s knack for creativity, although in a decidedly more horrific way. A prominent scene in the movie features a figurine made by Charlie, consisting of an old plastic bottle, some wire, and, oh yeah, a dead bird’s head that she severed herself. Replicas of this disturbing creation were created in very limited numbers, made out of a resin material and complete with a Hereditary-hangtag.

In addition, some actual screen-used props were sent to lucky viewers and were also made available on Etsy. Dubbed “Charlie’s Creations,” these were the actual figures created by Charlie out of various household objects. Released weekly on Charlie’s own Etsy shop, these were quickly snatched up by collectors and the one-of-a-kind pieces are even rarer than the already limited bird-figurine replicas!




The Others Thinks Outside The Box

A classic-style ghost story, The Others stars Nicole Kidman as Grace Stewart, a mom in staying in a mansion in the English countryside in the aftermath of World War II. Accompanying her are her two children who are extremely sensitive to light, causing Grace to darken the entire house with thick curtains to protect them. Holed away inside the dark home with little contact with the outside world, Grace begins to suspect the house is haunted after unexplainable occurrences begin with alarming frequency.

The Others was released in 2001 to generally positive reviews, for it’s old-school yet unique take on the haunted house story, and for emphasizing suspense over CGI ghosts. As a promotion for the movie’s release, custom-made gift boxes full of ghostly goodies were created in limited numbers.

Decorated with a recreation of one of the children’s drawings from the film on the lid, inside the box is a real heavy-duty lamp, along with a bottle of candle and lamp oil. Also included is a set of keys, along with a copy of the movie’s soundtrack, a brochure with information about the movie, and a copy of the poster! These boxes occasionally pop up on eBay, but with a hefty price tag considering the rarity and build quality of the items inside.


That’s it for this edition of the Collector’s Crypt! Do you have any promotional items in your collection? Share them with us on RedditFacebook, or Twitter, and your merch could be featured in a future edition of the Collector’s Crypt!


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