If there is one staple in Ryan Murphy’s AHS universe that won’t stay down, it is the Coven. You can stab them in the head, burn them at the stake, shoot them, slice them, and banish them to hell, but they will rise right back up to kick ass.

Murphy realizes that they can’t be kept down as he recently revealed at the unveiling of his Hollywood Walk of Fame star that members of the Coven will be returning to AHS. He told ET,

The witches will be back. Not next season, though, but we have something really fun planned.


What could be more fun than this past season’s entry, Apocalypse? We saw all members of the Coven, sans Jessica Lange’s Fiona, return to do battle with Cody Fern’s antichrist, Michael Langdon. Thanks to a time spell, the season ended with Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy) returning to her death, Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) stuck in her personal hell of 24/7 retail, Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) presumably back at torturing LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) for an eternity, and Nan (Jamie Brewer) enjoying wrecking havoc in hell.  So technically, some of them are still “down for the count,” but hopefully not for long.

AHS has been guaranteed the upcoming ninth season as well as a tenth season. As for the ninth season, there has been no word on what sort of horrors we will encounter. It seems that he hasn’t even keyed the cast on what will be going down. Murphy continued,

Hot at the Shop:

Hot at the Shop:

I can’t say what it is! I’m going to this luncheon, and many of the Horror Story actors are there, and I’m gonna tell them for the first time.


Perhaps our fabulously unrelenting witches will return in 2020’s 10th season. After all, a decade for a show is a milestone.

Are you excited to see members of the Coven return? Are there other characters from other seasons that you would like to see come back? Naomi Grossman’s Pepper is at the top my list. Talk to us on Twitter, the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook, or on Reddit!