David Lynch’s 1986 classic Blue Velvet will be officially joining The Criterion Collection this May. It will be alongside several other Lynch classics released through Criterion including Eraserhead, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and Mulholland Drive. This release of Blue Velvet contains “The Lost Footage,” roughly 51-minutes of deleted scenes and alternate takes compiled by Lynch himself, along with several special edition features. The discovery of the rough cut footage thought to have been missing was originally mentioned in an interview with KCRW Radio back in 2011 as well as being included on the film’s 25-year anniversary release prior.

“You know, there is a thing called b-negative, or outtakes, or lifts, that don’t make it into the film,” Lynch went on to say- “And in the old days, those things sat around and maybe became dangerously close to being tossed away. So, one day I looked into seeing where the Blue Velvet lifts were because some of these scenes on their own would be beautiful to see again…Lately, those have been found. Somewhere up in Seattle. It’s incredible. I’m seeing stuff I thought was gone forever.”


Other bonus features on the Blue Velvet Criterion release will include a new 4K digital restoration on Blu-ray. The re-release will also include a 70-minute film from 2002, Mysteries of Love – documenting the making of the cult-classic and a feature-length reflection on the film Blue Velvet Revisited by Peter Braatz, filmed on set during production. Along with a trailer, of course, fans can look forward to an alternate original stereo soundtrack to be included.

 Blue Velvet stars Kyle MacLachlan as Jeffrey Beaumont, an idyllic young man returning to his hometown only to fall into a rabbit hole of dark intrigue after discovering a severed ear in the grass. This mystery brings him face to face with Dorthy Vallens a mysterious lounge singer played by Isabelle Rossellini. As far as sinister villains go, nothing can prepare you for the scene-stealing deranged madman Frank Booth, insanely animated by Dennis Hopper who stops at nothing to keep the singer in his morbid clutches. Laura Dern also co-stars as Jeffrey’s friend, Sandy Williams.

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