Ah, Telluride. The playground of millionaires and moguls. Home of some of the most beautiful mountain views on the earth – and legal recreational marijuana. So, take a gondola down to main street, stroll what looks like Rodeo Drive in the wild west and get your ticket to all the good horror coming to the Telluride Horror Show on October 12th, 2018.

Some great horror entries will make your ghoulish dreams come true. Getting to see world-class horror in a pristine beautiful location like Telluride sounds win-win to me! We’ve already profiled the first announcements and you can check them out here.

For now, let’s take a peak at the latest and final additions to the roster.


Feature Films:


USA | 2018 | 92 min | Director: Tony West

A team of reality ghost hunters encounter trouble when they try to save their show and experience paranormal activity for the first time. What happens when fake ghost hunters meet REAL ghosts?

This horror comedy looks full of great practical effects and make up. Can’t wait to check out.



UK | 2018 | 81 min | Director: Paul Hyett

In the early 17th century, innocent young Persephone is falsely accused and put on trial for her life. Her fate seems sealed except for the timely intervention of the mysterious Reverend Mother offering her not just sanctuary, but hope. For the Reverend Mother is the self-appointed leader of a small religious retreat, a secluded Priory, where her fellow Sisters devote their lives to the Lord and seek atonement for their pasts. But upon arrival, Persephone is plagued with terrifying visions and soon realizes that it’s not salvation that awaits but a battle for her very soul itself.



Argentina | 2017 | 87 min | Director: Demián Rugna


No one can explain what is going on in an ordinary suburban neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Voices are being heard from kitchen sinks. Bodies are levitating. Evil is here. It is up to a doctor, her colleague, and an ex-cop to get to the bottom of this neighborhood nightmare.

Argentina is on a roll right now with horror and this one seems like another gem.


The Boat

Malta/UK | 2018 | 86 min | Director: Winston Azzopardi

A lone fisherman on his daily run finds himself lost in a thick fog which proves impossible to navigate. The worst is yet to come when his encounter with a seemingly abandoned sailboat becomes a fight for survival against an enemy unknown

This classic spookfest looks utterly fantastic and frighteningly claustrophobic.


The Head

USA | 2018 | 72 min | Director: Jordan Downey

A medieval bounty hunter seeks vengeance on the monster that killed his only daughter.

From the director that brought us Thankskilling and Thankskilling 3. What more can I say?


Tigers Are Not Afraid

Mexico | 2017 | 83 min | Director: Issa López

In a Mexican city turned into a ghost town by the drug war, Estrella’s mother vanishes. Estrella makes a wish to bring her back. And her mother does return – from the dead. Terrified, Estrella escapes and joins a rag-tag gang of other children orphaned by the violence, all escaping their own past. But she learns that in a city ruled by death, you can’t simply leave the ghosts behind; they walk with you wherever you go.


Short Films:


USA | 2018 | 11 min | Director: Josh Ethier

​In the underbelly of Los Angeles, a young woman uses any means for survival.

Murderous women fueled by survival and righteous indignation? Yes, please.



Here There Be Monsters

Australia | 2018 | 14 min | Director: Drew Macdonald

To escape incessant bullying on the bus ride home, a young girl falls asleep only to wake up trapped at an empty bus yard, with something lurking outside – something big – and if she wants to make it out alive, this frightened girl will have to unleash a monster of her own.

Rarely does bad horror come out of Australia, so definitely put this one on the must see list.



USA | 2017 | 3 min | Director: Vincente DiSanti

When a soldier faces a nightmare scenario an unexpected ally comes to his aid.


Infinity Tree

USA | 2018 | 2 min | Directors: Brandon LaGanke & John Carlucci

After he and his mother move into a new house, Jack finds a mysterious tree in the backyard that changes his life forever.



USA | 2018 | 5 min | Director: Peter Cilella

A quiet night at home takes a bizarre turn when a man goes to investigate a strange noise in his back yard.


Oscar’s Bell

UK | 2018 | 12 min | Director: Chris Cronin

Duncan (Paul Bullion, Peaky Blinders) and his dog Oscar have gone on their weekly camping trip into the wilderness together. However, when Duncan looks out into the woods, something else looks back.



UK | 2018 | 13 min | Director: Joanne Mitchell

The mortician’s life can be a lonely one, but there are opportunities for love. And revenge. In this macabre tale, nothing will stop this mortician from achieving her heart’s desire.


Wyrmwood: Chronicles of the Dead

Australia | 2017 | 7 min | Director: Kiah Roache-Turner

A girl, trapped in an underground bunker with a psychotically evil doctor and a group of zombie-blending soldiers, must orchestrate a fantastically daring escape before her brains are sucked out of her skull.

Another piece of Aussie gold.


Animated Short Films:

MAD GOD (Part 3)

USA | 2018 | 11 min | Director: Phil Tippett

You never know what you will find when you plunge into the world of MAD GOD, a hybrid stop motion, live-action, experimental meditation from the mind of Phil Tippett.



Check out these and other pieces of horror goodness in gorgeous Telluride, CO October 12-14th, 2018. Hit us up on social media and let us know what you’re most looking forward to.


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