A new trailer for the third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things recently dropped showing off some new plot details and an eerie narration. There is a lot to chew on here, so I’ll just start off at the beginning. The narration in the new trailer seems to be coming from the big bad of last season (and seemingly this one) The Mind-Flayer, who has found a new host in Billy (Darce Montgomery) turning the already bad boy into an even badder boy.

The Mind-Flayer isn’t sounding too happy about those meddling kids ruining its master plan from last season, and wants to get some payback. From what we see in the trailer, when Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) closed the gateway to the upside-down, she might have unknowingly locked the Mind-Flayer in the downside-up (or whatever you want to call our world). The fact that it’s saying “you have to let us stay” says that there may be more than just the Mind-Flayer running around.


That appears to be the basic plot of the season. Along with that, Will (Noah Schnapp) still hasn’t caught a break, Steve (Joe Keery) is continuing down his path of being the best boy, Hopper (David Harbour) is engaging in some good old-fashioned fisticuffs, then there’s a flesh monster thing, creepy government guys in gas-masks, and flock of helicopters. That’s a lot. What I’m really hoping for this season is a little more exploration of the lore behind the upside-down and the Mind-Flayer. The concept of both of those things is very cosmic horror, Lovecraftian inspired, so I’m not expecting a whole bunch of information to be given away (especially since the show is planned for four seasons), but I’m hoping for just enough to scratch my curious itch.

Stranger Things is a show that, when it first came out in 2016, became a huge hit. While the appeal for a lot of people seems to be the glorious 80’s nostalgia, the show is much more than that. At its core, Stranger Things has always been a character based coming of age story, that just so happens to have weird interdenominational monsters.

After two fantastic seasons, I’m eager to see where the show is going with its characters and world in the new one. What do you think about the trailer? Head on down to the official Nightmare on Film Street Twitter, Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook, and our Subreddit to let us know!