The Happytime Murders is an R-rated movie filled with puppets having sex and murdering each other. Yeah, you heard that right. And we’ve got the new trailer!

The film is described as an action crime mystery comedy thriller film. Seriously. It was directed by Brian Henson and written by Todd Berger. It has an all-star comedy cast. This includes Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, Elizabeth Banks and Joel McHale.


The Happytime Murders exists in a world where puppets and humans coexist. But puppets are considered inferior to humans. A puppet private investigator, Phil Philips, reunites with his ex-partner Detective Connie Edwards. The two of them hunt down a serial killer who is targeting cast members of a TV show. Will this crime solving duo run out of time? Or will they manage to stop this puppet killer in its’ tracks?

The film was announced back in 2008 and was in development with The Jim Henson Company. Lionsgate picked it up two years later with a 2011 release. But unfortunately, nothing happened. Then in 2015, STX Entertainment picked up the rights and put the film into active development. They finally began filming in California last year. The Happytime Murders contains a total of 125 puppets!

This year there was also a lawsuit with Sesame Workshop. They alleged that the tagline for this upcoming movie, “No Sesame. All Street” would hurt its wholesome brand. But Judge Vernon Broderick has said the slogan distinguishes The Happytime Murders from the Sesame Street brand. The lawsuit was rejected. So, The Happytime Murders continues on in all its disgusting glory.

The trailer shows off all the goodness we can expect like sex, violence, drugs, comedy, and a whole lot of madness. With puppets.

Prepare your brain, because The Happytime Murders is about to blow it. You can catch this crazy flick on August 24th. Want to talk horror puppetry? Come join us in our FIEND CLUB Facebook Group!