The trailer for new Brit thriller The Little Stranger landed today and boy oh boy does it look good.

Set beautifully in the English countryside, The Little Stranger tells a ghostly tale of secrets and intrigue. Dr. Faraday is a quiet doctor, who has a new job tending to a burn patient residing at Hundreds Hall. The Ayres family lives in Hundreds Hall and has for centuries. Now, it seems the Ayres have met hard times both personally and professionally. Things are falling apart. To cap it all off, weird things are afoot. The good, scientific doctor denies the paranormal is to blame until, that is, he can’t any longer.


Things get mighty creepy and awfully dangerous. Does the doctor have a cure for this? I’m not so sure. From the looks of it, he may well go mad and that might be his best-case scenario.

The Little Stranger looks fantastic. The production design and cinematography are rich, textured and absolutely gorgeous. It is clearly well put together by director Lenny Abrahamson (Room). Look, it comes down to this, it’s a beautifully shot gothic, English ghost story set at a countryside manor. Want more?

Ok, fine, let’s toss in a cast of some of my favorite actors. First, there is Ruth Wilson playing the eldest of the Ayres, who has been in such great TV as Luther, Jane Eyre and The Affair. Then there is the incomparable Charlotte Rampling (Orca, The Damned, Zardoz, and on and on), who plays the matriarch of the family. The criminally underrated Will Poulter (Son of Rambow, The Revenant) plays the youngest Ayres. Domhnall Gleeson plays the lead and I swear this guy must be the best project picker on the earth, including little series like Star Wars and Harry Potter, among many superb standalone films.

Long story short, The Little Stranger is a well shot, well casted flick about ghosty goings on’s at an English country manor. I’m in. How about you? Leave comments below or chat us up on social media. The Little Stranger hits theaters August 31st, 2018.


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